If you have been holding out on your purchase of a portable vaporizer until you found one that just knows what you want from it, then your search stops right here and now with this G pen review.

The makers at Grenco Science have listened not only to your calls, but also to those of vapers globally, and set about to produce the world’s only vape pen made for vapors based on actual user feedback.

The result – you now have a world class vaporizer that is stylish, discreet, efficient and delivers a first class experience for vaping oil and wax concentrates.

The G Pen is a portable vaporizing unit that is easy to load, simple to operate, and gives you instantaneous flavor at the push of a button.

Available from Vapeworld.com, this device need never leave your side. It is sleek, made for stealth, and fits easily into your pocket or inside any carrying unit that you might want to use.

The G-pen portable vaporizer

G Pen vaporizer

The G Pen has been incredibly successful in its purpose to seduce members of the vaping world, with many who try it claiming that it is the best of all top performing units in its class.

It is a unit that stands out from the crowd in portability and power, and caters to all ends of the market, being essentially a budget device that has very high-end features.

The G-pen has a black, stainless steel exterior, and it is extremely lightweight. It is easy to fill and contains no loose pieces that might otherwise be easily lost.

Internally, it heats up in mere seconds and generates controlled power levels through the tank so that it vaporizes your ingredients without combusting.

The only reason that you would have for not using the G-pen would be if you wanted to vape using dry herbs. In this case, other models like the Snoop Dogg g pen and the micro G pen have got you covered. Any decent G pen herbal review needs to distinguish that difference for you.

Features of the G-pen portable vaporizer

The convection method used by the G pen means that no flame is needed to heat aroma and natural oils for vaping. This, in turn, means that only pure and clean vapor is produced.

Parts overview

The G-pen itself has three distinct and replaceable parts that include the heating element, battery compartment, and vaporizing chamber.

While the battery is already charged when you receive your G pen, here is what you can expect when you open the box;

  • Vaporizer
  • Tank
  • Tool
  • Coil
  • Mouthpiece
  • Wall charger – USB
  • AC adapter – USB
  • Oil containers – glass x 2 – not pre-filled
  • User manual

Features overview

The G pen is easily identifiable with its very smart looking ‘G’ insignia emblazoned on the exterior.

At the size of a regular ballpoint pen, its trademark portability is matched in efficiency by the fact that it reaches the vaping temperature between 2 and 4 seconds.

Unlike most other PV models, the G pen will get you 400 puffs from only 2 grams of your preferred oil or concentrate.

These are the other features you can expect with your G pen purchase;

  • Style – premium portable
  • Operation – simple and intuitive
  • Size – 2 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Weight – 2 lbs
  • Heat source – battery
  • Thread size – 510
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Use – immediately
  • Concentrates – oil and wax only
  • Weather resistance – windproof
  • Battery – 5 click lock – 110v – fully charged

How the G pen vaporizer works

You won’t be left wondering how to use G pen components with this portable vaporizer. Ease of use was one of its main creation points.

Firstly, the unit has a locking mechanism which prevents accidental use or power on.

To unlock or lock the pen, you simply need to click the power button five times, at which point the LED will blink three times.

When the device is locked, you can unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating element. You then just load in your essential oil and screw in the mouthpiece again.

To draw in, hold down the button for around 3 to 5 seconds. You can experiment with this depending on your type of concentrate.

Holding the button for too long is possible. At around 10 seconds, the LED light will flash five times, and G pen will shut off automatically as a safety measure to stop the tank from overheating and burning out.

When carrying the pen around with you, it’s best to keep it upright as much as possible in case of slight leakage.

To ensure a consistency of electricity through the wicks, it may help to apply some alcohol solution to the screw threads.

Finally, if you notice some slight residue build up, you simply need to hold the button and turn the pen upside down. The PV will then heat up causing the residue to run out.

Alternatively, you can remove the residue by removing the mouthpiece and soaking it in a cleaning solution overnight. Rinse it out the following morning, and you should find it looking clean and new again.


Charging the battery to full readiness takes between 2 and 4 hours.

As we mentioned earlier, at full charge we received about 400 hits. For us, the G pen delivered where it counts!

You have no fears of combustion either because the regulated operating temperature for the battery is around 400°F.

When it does come time for you to recharge your G pen, you won’t be left guessing. The battery light will signal by flashing; at eight flashes the battery is completely flat. While recharging, the drained signal red light will change to green to indicate when the battery is fully charged and ready for use again.

G Pen Pros and Cons


Once you commit to trying the G pen vaporizer, you will understand why it’s a vape pen that others commit to permanently.

Here are a few other reasons;

  • At just under $65 from Vape World, the G pen is much more affordable than some other portable vaporizers
  • Durable and discreet
  • Practically odorless
  • Press button heat
  • Compact and lightweight, yet still packs that all-important punch
  • It has a see-through customizer so you can see how much is still in the tank


To give you a well-rounded G pen vaporizer review, it’s only right that we list some areas in which we felt the PV could have performed better, regardless of how much we like this vaporizer. After all, no device is perfect, right?

Here’s what to keep an eye on;

We found that the G pen works better with quick, short puffs than it does for longer draws.

It can leak if laid on its side

It doesn’t accommodate herbs. Refer to any G pen herbal vaporizer review that talks about the G Pen Snoop Dogg for how you can make that G pen work for you.

What people are saying about the G pen vaporizer

Given that the G pen has been promoted and hailed as the vapers’ vaping unit, people have had plenty to say.

There was initial worry that it might compromise on efficiency and quality due to the price tag being lower than some of its market competitors.

This has proven to be an unfounded concern.

The overriding verdict from reviews and user feedback is that the G pen is one strong little unit with a very impressive hit.

Should you buy the G pen?

Given that we would rate this pen at least four stars, we certainly believe that the G pen is one for you to experience.

If you are not too concerned about vaping solid material, this unit will do the job for you.

For the hits that it gives you at the current price point, the G pen is easily one of the very best portable vaporizers around.



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