What is The Future of Digital Marketing in India (Explained)
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The future of digital marketing is undoubtedly quite a bright and promising one. The marketers are continuously involved in ditching traditional platforms of brand endorsement and are referring this all-new methodology of reaching the targeted audiences. Although digital marketing is a young discipline, still it has 600 million users. That’s a fascinating number, isn’t it? The prevalence of digital media is adding more and more forward to the marketing industry.

What is The Future of Digital Marketing in India

Future of digital marketing in india

Digital media plays quite an important role in growing up a Startup. Maximum of the new businesses have low capital resources and manpower. In such a case it takes around 5 years to reach the break-even point. However, the digital media works like Wildfire. It uses quantified methods and powerful tools such as Google web Optimizer, Google Analytics, kissmetrics, content management and social media endorsement to bring the brand to the notice of maximum people on earth.

The traditional method of marketing can fall really expensive. It can be burdensome if you don’t have sufficient resources for advertisement. With more than 900 television channels and 250 radio stations, how far do you think you will reach the customers? In digital marketing is a guaranteed way of communicating with the audiences at a single go. The future of digital marketing is much brighter than what traditional marketing had.

The methodologies of advertisement through banners, printed ads, radio stations, television, and magazines are soon to get outcast by a single channel called the Internet. The digital marketing is an outcome of expert attempts. It has some of the most gregarious tools that are not only cost-effective but much encompassing. The amalgamation of a contemporary, economical, and powerful mechanism is short to stimulate the marketing industry without any fail.

What are the digital marketing parameters?

  • Internet Marketing Optimization
  • Web page ranking
  • Digital advertisement and popups
  • Return on investment and business Optimization
  • SEO and SMO integration

What do experts say about digital marketing?

Experts have all positive reviews regarding the advent of digital marketing era. They estimate that the companies will particularly spend on digital marketing instead of traditional endorsements. If considered factually, developed nations are already spending quite a major amount of their marketing budget on digital marketing methods. Such countries have no shortage of high-speed Internet and expert marketing companies.

The content marketing is another generic way to appeal people. The content manager conceptualizes a unique content that would reveal much about the brand, product, service, and methods. The content highlights the major feature of the product which can be viewed by the customers in a quick glimpse. Hence, content is gradually becoming one of the most relevant ways to endorse the brand. Many Digital marketing institutes in Jaipur, Delhi are making student digitally equipped.

More and more people are being involved in social media platforms. And since digital marketing takes social media into its endorsement parameters, products and services are going to get noticed by the users naturally.

With the help of page creation, video integration, and content marketing, one can promote the brand in a true manner. You don’t have to spend a hefty amount of money if social media marketing pathway is chosen. And if you happened to undergo a digital marketing course yourself, probably you don’t need to spend a penny for endorsing your business.

Types of digital marketing methods

  • Mobile marketing – initiating a marketing attempt through a handheld device is a guaranteed way of engaging your customers. The current customer engagement is 37% and is expected to soar up to 69% in the near future.


  • Video marketing – definitely watching a video is more captivating than reading content or viewing images about the product or service. Visual content spread a quick message and tempts customers and the quickest possible manner.


  • Email marketing – sending personal emails in the form of greetings and advertisement is nurturing and ensuring in nature. With just $40 invested in email marketing, one can enjoy 365-day marketing endorsement from the agency.


  • Social media marketing – there are dozens of social media platforms for lead generation and brand Optimization.

A basket of digital marketing strategies must be used for successfully reaching the customers. Keeping a note of latest trends and amendments in marketing strategies is important for getting maximum results from lesser investment and efforts.


  1. Hi Bablu,
    I respect your opinion on digital marketing. Now it easy to promote our content or product directly with a mobile phone. No need to visit agency or agents for the same. But on the other side it increasing the competition too. For eg – Facebook ads and non ads reach.

    Anyway, Thanks for putting a spotlight on this topic.