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Have you got a call from unknown number and he/she talking about something weird or crazy? Do you want to know who is he/she? You can find them with the help of a completely free reverse phone lookup with name. Here I’m giving a list of top 10 reverse phone lookup services that could help you in tracing any unknown number.

Many time it happens that you get missed call from any unknown number. Definitely, it’s annoying but sometimes it comes with surprise as well. You feel bad if your cell phone continuously rings, in that case, you think of reverse phone look up to know who is calling you? And you are here to know about best services for phone number search. I can understand your problem because I also faced this stage.

There are the hell lot of free reverse phone lookup services available and I am going to list out 7 best reverse phone number lookup services that can solve your issue. I also tried these best reverse cell phone lookup services and found it useful. Dear ReviewsPub reader, I already told you that whenever I plan for any article, I always keep it in my reader’s side.

Free reverse number lookup services allow you to identify the name and all the relevant information such as the location of a person where he/she calling. These services have millions of database to find that exact number and its detail in an easy way. You will found hundreds of such services on the web but not all of them provide reliable information.

So to help my readers, I have a collection of top 10 reverse phone lookup services. It’s not a child’s play to find out the exact detail of the number but most probably you will get your result. Below is a short summary of best handpicked free reverse phone lookup services that can help you out with your query.


Best free reverse phone number lookup services in 2016

#1- WhitePages:

No doubt WhitePages is best to reverse phone number lookup service available for free of cost and my first recommendation would be WhitePages. It provides a most reliable result and highly rated by other users also. WhitePages was founded by Alex Algard in 1997 to help out fellow people like me and you. You should also be thankful to him for providing most reliable free reverse phone lookup service.

They have the huge database of registered numbers with their address location and identity. As per official statement of WhitePages, they are carrying more than 200 million adults across the various part of United States. White pages include a reverse lookup service alongside reverse address lookup, as well as the option to perform a regular search by name and number.

Just go to their website add your number and click on search. That’s it. You will get your result. You can also try yellow pages website. Apart from all, you can download mobile app also of official WhitePages reverse phone number lookup service.

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#2- Caller-ID: Reverse Number Lookup Service

Caller-ID is the brainchild of Caller-ID.co developers who have the vision to provide most genuine information to their users. If anyone has given as missed call on your number and you are trying to fetch relevant information about that number, Caller-ID will help you through this. After WhitePages, Caller-ID has a huge database of phone number details and in my case, this app helped me a lot. You can also try this app to trace mobile number information. Recently Caller-ID has added maps and Geolocation service in their app for the better experience of users.

When someone calls a mobile phone, the cell phone caller ID leaves out the name, only showing the phone number and/or city of the caller. Real landline caller ID shows the number & name of the caller. Finally, a free & real landline caller ID utility exists for the iPhone.

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#3- Reverse Phone Lookup:

The name itself indicates that this service is for trace mobile number purpose. This is the perfect application for phone number tracing. Their phone number lookup helps you to find out all details of phone caller. It has the huge collection of phone number details which help you to find out who was tried to call you. My third recommendation will be reverse phone lookup app for you. But I am pretty sure that you will get the result in above two phone number search service only.

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#4- Background Checks – BeenVerified

It will help you to quickly search by name or email to get detailed information about people including their phone numbers, addresses, social profiles, criminal records, and much more of any number. Simply you need to put the number in this reverse phone number lookup app and get all required details about that number.

Wait I only recommend you this phone number reverse directory if you did not find your solution in above three apps because it has some lower rating by other users but in my case, it works fine.

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 #5- TrueCaller:

TrueCaller is another free reverse phone number lookup service available in both, application as well as website. The latest Android smartphone has already inbuilt TrueCaller application but you can download it on your device as well. It will provide real-time tracking of any number calling to you. I had a great experience with TrueCaller. It simply asks you to sign up with new account once you downloaded on your machine, just fill all required information and click on signup. It sends you an OTP for verification of your filled details. Confirm your account with OTP and start using this app for free of cost.

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#6- AnyWho:

AnyWho is another best reverse phone lookup free of cost. This phone number locator has similar services like WhitePages and YellowPages. It provides you all details of any number you want to know. You can easily search cell phones and landline numbers detail. It allows the user to enter a phone number and immediately look up to whom it is registered. You will get caller name, it’s location on the map and much more information. This tool uses yellow pages API.

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#7- CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book – Community Caller ID & Free White Pages App:

In last but not least, CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book – Community Caller ID & Free White Pages App app has their own existence in reverse phone number lookup category. It’s great reliability among users is the main reason for popularity. This app has got 7.9 rating out of 10 but I think this rating is bit low, I would love to rate it by 9 out of 10 because I had great and reliable experience with this free reverse phone lookup service.

Some features of CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book:

  • Find out the full name and location behind a mystery number that’s shown up on your caller ID.
  • Investigate a suspicious text you’ve gotten, including useful comments from other users.
  • Avoid annoying bill collectors, telemarketers, scammers, prank callers, and ex-lovers, so you don’t mistakenly call someone back you don’t want to talk to.
  • Monitor your phone number to see who has been looking for you, including past searches.
  • Earn free prizes and fun Smart Badges for helping other users of our community phone book.
  • Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied CallerSmart users and discover the best caller ID solution for your iPhone.

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#8- ZLookup- 100% Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service

You can now lookup the owner of any mobile or landline phone using ZLOOKUP for entirely free. Reverse phone lookup has never been easier. You can now identify an unknown caller using our cutting edge phone lookup technology. We search millions of records to find the real person or business associated with a phone number. ZLOOKUP is 100% free and entirely hassle free – and it actually works!

#9- SpyDialer- Free Cell phone lookup service

Have a missed call? Need to know whose number is it? Spy Dialer is the newest, fastest, SNEAKIEST free reverse phone lookup on the web. It works with cell phones, landlines, and email addresses. Even non-published numbers! Try our reverse cell phone lookup by voicemail for a great cell number search.

#10- Spokeo- Reverse Phone Lookup in UK & USA

Need to find someone? Spokeo is a comprehensive people search engine, helping you to receive contact information, reconnect with family and old friends, and find people’s social networks. Enter any first and last name to search billions of public records instantly.

Final Verdict:

I don’t have anything more to deliver you, just wanted to say one thing, if you really care about my effort then please share this article with your friends on social media. With your sharing my effort will get some result else it will be meaningless. These are best free reverse phone number lookup service I experience in past. My personal and very first recommendation would be WhitePages because this reserve phone lookup service provides accurate and reliable results.

You can try other free phone number locator service as well because data can vary according to location. TrueCaller is perfect and best phone number locator for India. So try these phone number search apps and share your experience with me. Thanks for reading this article.

Keep Visiting & Keep Sharing!! Good luck!