7 Best *FREE* MP3 Songs Download Sites in 2017

Are you a music lover and looking for best mp3 songs download websites to find your favorite songs? Only this article is enough for you to find and download top mp3 songs of 2017. These mp3 songs download websites are not only contains best songs of 2017 but you can find top rated music lyrics and mp3 of all time.

Everyone love to listen music, doesn’t specific for a particular age group. It might possible that tests of music may change but every age group people love to listen music. Music is something that provide you relief in tension or sometimes it’s perfect for concentration as well. I remember my college days, while solving mathematics problems, an ear plug is always inside my ears. Before solving mathematics problems, I create a particular playlist of my favorite songs and run it on loop mode.

I am pretty sure that, you also tried earphones while solving mathematics problem, if you haven’t tried till now, my recommendation is try atleast once. You will sit for four to five hours without any break.

Excuse me…

Discussing related to study is quite boring… I can understand so leave it here… I only meant to say that, you can do any work nonstop if your favorite songs are playing near your ear. Try it with any task… Even this time (while writing this post) my favorite songs collection are playing in repeat mode 🙂 .

Sometimes it happens that, you could not find your favorite songs easily or sometimes you found your favorite song name but unable to download it… Okay!! After this article you do not need to worry anymore because here is list of top music download websites of 2016 where you can find any songs easily and download them directly without any headache.

free mp3 songs download sites

7 Best free mp3 songs download sites

#1- Mp3Skull: Free mp3 songs download site

In the list of free mp3 download sites, the very first website I would like to include as MP3Skull because this is legal and authorized mp3 download website which has vast library of mp3 songs. MP3Skull has huge library of mp3 songs and regularly updated with latest as well as older music. Even you can find karaoke of your favorite songs as well on mp3skull. In my eyes, mp3skull is best online music download site in 2016 where you can download any songs without any difficulty.

On this online music download website, you can search any of your favorite songs by particular singers name or the compositions. Whenever you will hit on search button after placing your search query, you will get lots of relevant search results including your favorite songs. You can simply paly those mp3 songs online or download mp3 songs

You must visited many other mp3 songs download sites before but what you will find is, you are not able to differentiate between songs and advertisements. All those mp3 songs download sites are overloaded with advertisement. Here at mp3skull you do not need to worry about those mind storming advertisement. So I think this is best mp3 songs download site of 2016.

   Visit MP3Skull

#2- MP3 Raid: English mp3 songs download sites

MP3 Raid is another great mp3 download site which have great collection of mp3 songs. You can search any mp3 which you want and easily download it. All songs are available of MP3 Raid is totally free, you do not need to pay single penny for downloading mp3 songs.

Apart from it, you can post any of the Mp3 songs on the given post or profile for free in this free mp3 download site. This is one of the best site to download mp3 for free.

   Visit MP3Raid


#3- Radio: Top Online Music Playing Website

You probably hear about this free music download site. Radio is another best and legal mp3 songs download site of 2017. You can listen live music shows, podcasts, charts, articles, sweepstakes and much more on Radio music App and website. There is another great feature of Radio music website is, it allow you to listen music based upon locations and your interest of genre. Radio App is best mp3 songs downloader app rated by many users. You can download this mp3 downloader app to your smartphone through Google play store as well as visiting their official website. If you are looking for best mp3 songs download website/app, my recommendation is try this music downloader site once.

   Visit Radio.com

#4- Jamendo: Best MP3 Songs Downloads Website

Jamendo has huge collections of mp3 songs that you can easily search according to your interest. All music can be downloaded for free of cost on your device. Additionally, you can also publish your favorite mp3 songs on Jamendo. It means, of you are a music composer or singer, then you have great opportunity to show your talents infront of millions of music lovers.

In addition, you can listen to the mp3 files and be able to download the unlimited MP3 music for free and from best mp3 download sites without any issues in terms of ads and get the songs distributed for you as free.

   Visit Jamendo

#5- MP3Juices- Free MP3 Download website:

I would like to include MP3Juices in our list of top mp3 songs download websites. You can download any mp3 songs from MP3Juices for free of cost. If you want to download your favorite mp3 song via this best mp3 downloader or you can play it online as well. Here you have to write your favorite songs name in search bar and hit enter. Your favorite song is in front of your screen. Even you can download mp3 songs from YouTube as well.

Compared to other free mp3 download sites, here you can download songs from YouTube by copying the URL of the song and pasting it in the search field and hitting the search button. Immediately, you can convert the MP3 songs into the format that you want in few minutes from such best mp3 download sites 2016.

   Visit MP3Juices

#6- MP3Base – Best Free MP3 Download Site:

MP3 Base is another best free mp3 music downloads sites which has huge database of mp3 songs. I am pretty sure that you can find any latest music or older music without much difficulty. In this online music website you can get the songs based on the genre, favourite artist and the best songs. Also you can download the mp3 songs for free without making any registration.

It is easy for the user to play a single track of the mp3 music online from this mp3 music download free website on a trial basis and even download the entire album or song. As you register for free account, you can easily create your own playlist and even add the required and favorite mp3 songs and albums for free in these free mp3 music downloads sites.

   Visit MP3Base

#7- MP3Fusion:

In last but not least, in our list of best mp3 music downloads sites, MP3Fusion must be included because of its features and easy to use interface. This is one of best source to download or play online music on your smartphone or computer. On MP3 Fusion, you have freedom to download mp3 songs or listen it online as well without any hidden charge. Compared to other free mp3 music downloads sites, you can locate the songs that you like to download in the given search field and hit the required search button in such kind of free mp3 download sites 2016.

   Visit MP3Fusion


Here you have got the list of top mp3 songs download sites name where you can download free mp3 songs on your device. Even you can play your favorite music online without any fee. All these mp3 songs download sites is enough to find and download your favorite songs without any difficulty. Even you can download free android apps of these sites on your android and iOS smartphones.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you like this article, please do share with your friends, flatmates and roommates on their social media profile. Thanks for reading this article. Keep visiting here for more outstanding articles.