How To “Fix” Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android
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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular game and a great trending topic of 2016. The Pokemon Go has gained its popularity after launching for Android platform, but it was well popular with iOS devices as well. The Pokemon Go can be found easily on all youth smartphones but a few days back many of people asking for a solution of error “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found.” The error commonly asked from Android users on Play Store. If you are also looking for how to fix Pokemon Go GPS not found an error on Andriod devices then here is the fix.

When we check at Google Play Store, then Pokemon Go is most downloaded game on it. The popularity not limited to the android platform only but also it has great hit over Apple App Store. As the game is developed for real-time experience, so installing and playing Pokemon Go is not an easy task.

Yes… If you are a tech geek, then you can do it easily. The game requires active internet connection as well as GPS signal. Yes!! Both are necessary to play Pokemon Go. You also need to verify that, the Pokemon Go is launched officially in your country. The developer of this outstanding real experience game is Nintendo developers. They worked hard in developing the game, even it took so many years in gaining such popularity at the global end.

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The game has some error initially, but in upcoming updates, many errors are fixed. “GPS Signal Not Found in Pokemon Go” was a standard error. If we take the reference of discussion forum and question answer sites like Quora, then many people are asking for “Pokemon go failed to detect location Fake GPS” error and “GPS signal not found Pokemon go Android” are the most frequent question asked.

Keeping those issues in mind, today I came with a proper solution of “GPS Signal Not Found on Android” while playing Pokemon Go. So if you’re also getting such error, then please go ahead with the flow of article smoothly and follow the steps in getting fixed.

pokemon go gps error solutionFix GPS Signal Not Found Pokemon Go

Well, the issues are coming globally, but remedies are also available to cure it. Follow these simple steps in getting fix GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android. Below are some typical steps you need to check.

Remedy #1- Turn on GPS Signal:

The very first step to fixing GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android devices is “Turn On GPS Signal” from setting. You can follow this path to turn on GPS on Android phones. Go to Setting then Privacy and Safety then Location Services and make sure it turned on.

App Menu> Setting> Privacy & Safety> Location Services

Remedy #2- Keep Google Maps Running in Background:

Yes, if you are using Android smartphone and getting GPS Signal Not Available Error on Pokemon Go then leave Google Maps Running in Background. It will help in sending all required data about your location services to Pokemon Go servers. For that, you can follow the simple steps. Go to App menu, click on Maps and then come to home by minimizing the app.

App Menu> Google Maps> Minimize or Home Button

Remedy #3- Turn Wi-Fi On:

As per few Android user response, turning on Wi-Fi also helps in getting fixed GPS Signals Not Found Error in Pokemon Go. For that you can go to Setting then, Wi-Fi Setting then Click on Turn On.

App Menu> Setting> Wi-Fi Setting> Turn on Wi-Fi

Remedy #4- Disable Mock Location:

Disabling Mock Location from developer section of the Android phone will also help in fixing GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android Phones. For that you can go to Setting then About Phone, Now click on Build Number option seven times, it will open the developer setting option, now disable mock location from there.

App Menu> Setting> About Phone> Build Number (Tap 7 Times There)> Developer option> Locations> Disable Mock Location

Remedy #5- Restart your Smartphone:

If you still getting GPS Signal Error on Android phone then only turn off the power of your device and restart it after 2 or 3 minutes. You will be fixed.

Master Remedy To Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android

If your issue still not solved after performing all above task, then this is the last solution for you. This method will work for sure. First of all, you need to download a GPS signal booster app from play store. You can download it by following this link.

Once you have downloaded Active GPS Booster App, then open it. Now some instruction you need to follow, click YES button given on screen. Now GPS Signal Booster started working for you, in between update Google Map from play store to its latest version and start playing Pokemon Go. Please make sure you are outside of your doorstep so that your smartphone has proper GPS Signal.


So here is all possible way to fix GPS Signal Not Found Error on Android smartphone. First of all, step outside so that your smartphone can get proper GPS signal. The very next step should make sure that GPS/Location Services are turned ON. If you are unable to fix after these, then follow the next remedy immediately. Your error will be fixed for sure. If you stuck at any step, please leave a comment below. We will get in touch with your quickly. Thanks for reading… Now its time to share the article on Social Media…. Hit Share BUTTON.