Are you a windows user and facing active directory domain services is currently unavailable issues while printing any document from Microsoft office components like, Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Power point and notepad?

active directory domain services is currently unavailable

After reading this article you do not need to look anywhere else for solution of your problem because here in this article I am covering each and every step to fix active directory domain services is currently not available.

Before moving further let me know, are you able to print any documents online, like from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer? Because in my case, I was able to print any documents from all other programs. Even my machine was able to detect printer in Adobe Reader.

If you haven’t check, whether your machine is able to detect printer in other program, then check it now. Because I was only facing active directory services is currently unavailable issues in Microsoft office components.

Why I’m getting Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable Error While Printing Documents

Similar to you, I also did Google search for finding solution of active directory domain services error and in that step, I got many reasons for that. But as far as I conclude it, then the main reason for getting that error was, our operating system didn’t given permission to external components to access.

So the simple solution is to fix this error is, just allow permission to access external hardware’s like printer and scanner. For that you can go to registry folder and allow the permission. If you don’t know about registry edition then check below for step by step solution.

Note: Dear reader, make sure you are performing right steps while editing registry else your system may involve in to serious trouble. So this my suggestion to you, please verify each and every steps before performing registry edition.

Steps to Fix the Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable

Step #1-

First of all, run command prompt on your machine and type regedit in Run dialog. If you don’t know how to initiate command prompt then simply press Windows Key + R on your system. Verify the step in image given below.

command prompt-1

Step #2-

A new window will pop-up on your machine as registry editor, press yes to perform edition.

Step #3-

Now follow this path in registry editor, Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows and right click on Windows option. Please verify your path in figure given below.

active domain directory error

Step #4-

Now click on Permissions option and a new window will prompt like this-

active directory domain error fix

Now provide Full Control under Permissions label by clicking on check mark against Allow then click on Apply followed by OK.

That’s it.

Now reboot your machine and verify the issue, this this you will not find any error like Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable.


Well, we usually faces this error “Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable” because of lack of permission of external devices and by following above steps, we can fix this error easily. All steps are crystal clear. So follow it carefully and if you stuck at any step, just shoot a comment below with your error, we’ll provide our best to getting fix.

There are thousands of user might facing this issue and with one share on social media can help them out, so it our kind request to hit on share button and help those fellows out. Thanks for your time and support, be in touch. And shoot any other issue related to windows, our one of team member will help you out.


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