We never know what lies in the water that our family drinks every day. In most cities, the quality of the water is not okay when you directly consume it, so that you need to boil it first so that it will be able to consume. In some areas which have advanced technology, the citizen will be able to drink the water directly. Still, there is always strange taste when you directly drink the water. Best faucet water filter then comes to give you tasteful water. You need to know where your water comes, and the contaminations may happen with the water you drink.

What is faucet water filter

Most people who concern about health today will make water filter become one essential thing that must be in their home. Filtering their water means reducing the amount of chlorine, this will result in better taste and smell of water. This also will improve their health, since water filter will also reduce other contaminations, like benzene, chloramines, and also PCBs. Ordinary people will never know from where their water comes from and the journey they pass until they come through your faucet. Faucet water filter is needed to help us getting the best quality of water that is free from contaminations.

The Advantage of faucet water filter-

There are some benefits you will get when installing faucet water filter in your house. Most people find out that this water filter is more convenient to use than the water pitcher filters. It also has a valve that allows you to adjust the water filter back and forth, to make it in unfiltered or filtered mode. The next advantage you will get is that the water filter is very easy to install. What you need to do is just click it onto your faucet. No tools required for installing this. If you choose a high quality of water filter, there will be a multi-stage filter that allows you to remove any water contaminants.

Best 4 Faucet Water Filter Reviews

2- Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit

For those who do not have an idea in choosing the best water filter, there are some filters that you can choose. The first one is Culligan FM-15A. This comes with an affordable price, around $21 for the water filter. The filter will help you to reduce all sediment, lead, chlorine odor and taste, and many contaminants. The direct result you can feel is the better taste and odor of your water. What you need to do is just attach it to your faucet. There will be clear explanation available. No tools required for installing. You also can adjust it to unfiltered and filtered mode. This can filter 200 gallons of water and also have two years warranty. This is small water filter for the faucet that is suitable for those who are left-hand or right-hand orientation. The carbon cartridge is also easy to replace. See more on their customer reviews to see the product.

2- DuPont WFFM350XBN Electric Metered Faucet Filter Reviews

The next water filter we have is DuPont WFFM350XBN. You also can find this product easily on Amazon. You can find three kinds of this series on Amazon, the one with brushed nickel, chrome, and also white. The price itself is around $28. This water filter is also designed especially easy to attach to the standard faucet. When purchasing it, it is included adapters. Unfortunately, this water filter is not fit with a faucet with sprayers. The filter can reduce cysts, benzene, mercury, lead, sediment, asbestos, and also chlorine. The result is of course better taste and odor of water. You also will find out that the water is clear. There is also one great feature for you, the Antimicrobial protection that is built into the cartridge. The electronic display enables you to know the amount of water you already filtered. You will get one mount cartridge, two adapters, two washers, battery, and also plumbing tape.

3- PUR Vertical Faucet Mount Reviews

Besides those two products, the next product you can choose is PUR Vertical Faucet. The price is almost the same, around $28. There are four styles to choose, that come at various prices. We have black/chrome, chrome, gray, and also white. The feature of this product is that it can remove 60 contaminants, which is great to create refreshing water. LED indicator for showing how many gallons you have filtered is also clearly seen. In just one click, you can easily install it to the faucet. No tools required for installing. This filter can fit with almost all styles of the faucet. Check the instruction to see it for detail information. To prevent leakage, make sure that you hand tighten the filter to the valve. This can filter up to 100 gallons of water. This PUR unit uses a unique approach that blends iron and carbon that can work well for reducing the contaminants.

4- Instapure Brands F2BCTU-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter Reviews

The last filter we have is Instapure Brands F2BCTU-1E that comes at lowest price among all the water filters above. The price is around $14, but if you buy four water filters at once, you will get a discounted price. This water filter can reduce bad odor, taste, and also the amount of chlorine in your water. You also can adjust it to filtered and unfiltered feature. For those who have modern kitchen and house, this water filter has a chrome finish that offers transparent cover for the water filter. No tools required for installing this. You only need maximum four minutes for having this filter attached to your faucet. The filter itself is easily replaceable every three months. For those who want to save their budget on bottled water, this can be an excellent way to do. The filter is certified to NSF/ANSI standards, it is also NSF tested, and is available for one year of warranty.


Before choosing a right faucet water filter, make sure that you know faucet mounted filters that your family needs. There are some things to consider, the gallons that you consume a day, the contaminants that you want to get rid of, and also the types of faucet you have. Some water filter cannot work with certain faucets. Thus, check the models of both the faucet and the filter to make it working effectively. The cost of it is also various. Choose the one that suits with your budget also then.


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