Hello ReviewsPub reader, this is my first article related to Facebook Page tricks. Here in this article I am going to share free page boosting trick to get huge likes on your fan pages. Wait this is not any ordinary method such as Facebook page liker or any other bots. By this method you can get 100% genuine page likes without spending huge money in boosting. Before moving to trick, let me cover some basics about Facebook page and other important things.

If you have huge page likes then you can earn hell lot of money by this. Won’t believe? Search in Google “WittyFeed” or “Viral9” and read it carefully. If you have page likes then there are hell lot of way to monetize it but the bigger challenge is to building huge page likes.

Boosting is one of easiest way to spread your fan among users but for that you required money. After reading this article, you can boost your Facebook page in very cheap or say free but initially you need to spend few dollar (obviously not big).

How to Boost Facebook Page For Free

free facebook page boosting

So here are complete method to boost Facebook fan page for free of cost-

Step #1:

First of all you need to create a new Facebook account using USA IP address. (Important)

Step #2:

Now the second step is your ID verification, so post the following codes on your timeline or comment on someone post.




Step #3:

Once you done with the above step, your ID will be blocked, now you need to submit a document to Facebook team for reopening of account. Submit any government identity proof such as Adhar Card, PAN card or Driving License.

Step #4:

Now upload your cover picture and profile picture and leave it for 24 hours (don’t even login)

Step #5:

Now you need a virtual credit card and $8 of investment as I said earlier. Go to https://www.vccsale.com/ and buy a MasterCard virtual card. Wait till activation of card.

Step #6:

Once your virtual card is active, you will get $1 or $2 balance left and this will work in your free boosting.

Step #7:

Now open your ID and go to setting and payment option. Fill the virtual card details over there and wait for 24 more hours. (Don’t go to boosting option directly else your account will either be flagged or ban)

Step #8:

Now create a new page from that ID and also upload any viral image because this is the only image which you have to boost. (Choose any trending image which can grab more attention)

Step #9:

Start boosting that image and as your boost budget start decreasing add another $5 budget in that. Facebook will not cut your amount from virtual card (Important: Don’t add $10 or $20 budget because your ID will be flagged {personally tested} ).

With this trick you can do minimum of $25 boosting. Now think, you will get $25 boosting by spending only $8. With this method you can create a page up to 15K to 20K likes.

Note: Make sure you are filling all details same while creating a virtual card and Facebook ID verification.

Enjoy the trick! Thank me later, first hit a share with other friends..


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