Easy Steps To Get Blue Badge on Facebook Page in 7 Hours
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Well this is another article about Facebook page related trick and I am pretty sure that this article will be very helpful for my readers. In last article I had covered everything about How To Boost Facebook Pages for Free and this time article will be about how to get blue badge on Facebook page, rather say, how to get blue tick mark on Facebook pages?

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For those who completely new about Facebook page related things, let me clear one thing- getting blue mark on Facebook pages is really not an easy task but you shouldn’t worry after reading this article. Facebook is one of top social media platform where you can promote your business online with targeted people. Your business should contain a Facebook page where you can be in touch with your audience/customers daily and let them inform with latest release or any modification in your business updates.

But keeping your business page safe on Facebook is not an easy task because of strong security filter provided by Facebook team….

You might be thinking, What the hell I am talking about?… Cool let me explain my personal experience with such kind of incident.

I was also maintaining my business existence in social media platform and had good engagement with my clients and customers. One day, I got a message from Facebook team that your this page has been unpublished from some unusual activity. I logged in to that page dashboard and it was unpublished. There was an option of appeal against and I did that also but failed to recover that page. So I lost great engagement of customers within a minute just because of single mistake i.e. I didn’t verified it.

So I don’t want you also repeat the same mistake and quickly verify your fan page on Facebook because once your page is verified, it will never unpublished. But the biggest issue is in India that, how to very Facebook page? This was the most trending question on Quora, Yahoo answer and on few forums and Facebook groups.

So here are secret method to verify your Facebook Fan-page and get blue badge tick on it.

How To Verify Facebook Page & Get Blue Badge On It

First of all let me clear that, you cannot get blue badge tick on your Facebook page by just creating a website because that trick was working earlier and nowadays Facebook has changed their rule. For Facebook Blue tick sign, your page category must have public figure and all relevant documents.

Documents may contains- Driving License, Passport, Birth Certificate or Articles. So be ready with these documents if you want blue tick on your Facebook page.

Step #1- First of all, create a new Facebook account from USA. If you are outside the United State then please as your friend who are living in United States, to create a new Facebook account and a page under this.

Note: Using United States proxy or VPN won’t work because I and few of my friends tried it already so many times so please ask any of your friend from USA to create a new Facebook profile and page.

Step #2- Once he done your job, ask him for username and password and login using USA proxy/VPN to your Facebook page and fill both of below form.

1: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1491114197882751

2: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/356341591197702

Step #3- Once you are done with above steps, please fill all necessary details on your page. Here is simple template to fill all required details about pages.

Start Date Your date of birth

Affiliation – Entertainer, Comedian, Writer

Short Description- Your page name – Your country – Worked as star contributor at Facebook.

Long Description-

Hi Everyone

This is me “Your Name” from “Country name” [ ” address ” ]

I was born on “Your Date of birth”, & my qualification is not bad.

Right now I am in “Current location”

I worked as reception @contracting company & also I worked @ Facebook as Star Contributor

For more details

Find me on my Facebook profile -> profile link


“Your Name” is a professional Entertainer & comedian. He was born in “Country name” on “Date of birth”. He started writing comedy when he was 16 years old and got up on stage for the first time when he was 19 years old. “Your name” played college tennis at St. Thomas University where he received a D1 tennis scholarship. “Your name” did not finish his education at St Thomas University because he failed in inter 2nd year. Now “Your name” went to abroad & worked @Facebook Company.

Awards- D1 tennis scholarship

Gender- Male

Personal Information To know me personally, Find me here -> your profile link

Personal Interests- Playing Cards with Friends, Making Comedy, Favorite Tennis, Hanging on Facebook

Phone- Your number

Email- Your Email

Other Accounts- Create (Twitter) account, Create (Instagram) account

Website- http://www.abc.com

So fill all above details carefully as given above and ensure there is no spelling error etc.

Note: Make sure your website looks professional and there should be all details about you written in professional manner. If you don’t know, how to make a professional looking website, anytime you can contact at [email protected] for professional looking website in cheaper rates. Also verify that your domain name contains your name as well. Don’t forget to install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on your website for trust.

Step #4- Now open verification form on Facebook and upload your documents with clear picture and include Passport as well with Birth Certificate. Now wait for some time, you will get a verification mail on your registered email ID and notification dashboard as well.

If you find any difficulty with any step, please submit your query on comment box below and don’t forget to give a thumbs up and share over social media. You share will decide me to come up with another Facebook trick here. Thanks for reading this article and please bookmark us for more updates.