Err Connection Timed Out is one of regular error that we get on our computer while browsing the internet. There are some other errors also occurs like DNS Probe Finished No Internet one PC, but Err Connection Timed Out is most frequent out of them. If you are also getting this error frequently on your computer, then read the each and every steps carefully because after this article you will no longer face such issues.

err connection timed out

Here in this article, we are providing the solution of Err Connection Timed Out in best possible way; I mean all those steps that will help in fixing this error. Several tricks and tweaks can fix this error but before moving to steps, let me explain few things?

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Are you getting Err Connection Timed Out on visiting each and every website? Because in my case, I was getting such issue on only a few sites and rest of them working smoothly. So check whether you are getting this on a particular website or each website.

How To Fix Err Connection Timed Out Error On Chrome

We generally get such error because of incorrect host file configuration and in most of the cases it can set by editing host file on your computer. There are several other methods too that I am going to explain here but first of all, try editing host file.

Fix 1- Try Editing Windows Host File:

Editing Windows host file is the first option to fix Err_Connection_Timed_Out on Google Chrome. I also fixed my error by this step only, and I believe in your case this treatment is enough, though. For editing Windows host file, you can follow the steps given below-

Step 1:

First of all, you need to launch any document editor in Administrator mode. I prefer default document editor of Windows i.e. Notepad. So start Notepad in Administrator mode, for that you can go to your programs and choose Notepad… Now right click on Notepad and select Run As Administrator.

run notepad in administrator modeStep 2:

Now click on File option from the navigation menu and select Open, you can also press Ctrl+O to open the file.

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Step 3:

Now you need to locate the host file location. Follow this path to find Windows Host File Computer> Local Disk C:> Windows> System32> Drivers> etc. and select click All Files from the drop-down menu of Notepad.

host fileStep 4:

Now click on Host file and edit it. Once opened, scroll down and delete any website address or IP address after the last # sign just like the image below.

edit windows hostStep 5:

Now save the host file and exit from the editor…Now open the website where you were getting Err Connection Timed Out. Hopefully, you won’t get anymore.

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Fix 2: Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes you Internet Service Provider is also blocked from accessing some of the websites so you can fix it by contacting them.

Fix 3: Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

If there are no issues at you ISP and you are still getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error while browsing some of the website, then please try to clear cache and cookies files of your browser. You can clear your cookies in Google Chrome by following this step-

  • 1- Open your Google Chrome browser and press Ctrl+H, it will drive you to history file.
  • 2- Now click on clear browsing data and tick all data like cache, history and cookies and click on clear. That’s it.

Fix 4: Check Firewall Setting:

Sometimes your antivirus software doesn’t allow to access some of the websites, so please check whether your firewall allows accessing such sites. If there is the blockage, then please unblock and try accessing error occurring URL.

Fix 5: Flush or Renew IP Address

If you still getting such error while opening that website, I recommend you to flush or renew your current IP address. You can do it through command prompt, please refer this article and navigate to Flush IP /Renew IP paragraph for detailed information.


These are some simple steps to fix Err Connection Timed Our Error on Windows 7/8/10 and most of the cases these steps is enough to get rid of the error. But in case you still getting that error, then please leave your query below in comment box, I’ll give my best to solve that. Now it’s your turn to help us by sharing this article 🙂 .


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