Effective Tips To Make Your Nail Stickers Last Long

Nail wraps are the ideal manicure solution for individuals who are unable to do their own manicures or who require a cute manicure in a matter of minutes. They take care of everything, and it’s simple to identify cruelty-free solutions. Do you want to know how to extend the life of your nail wraps? If you take care of your nail wraps, they should last at least a week, if not longer.

Nail wraps will quickly become a regular in your beauty routine if you follow these recommendations for making them last longer.

1. Before putting stickers, make sure your nails are clean and dry. This applies to both polished and unpolished nails, as well as gel and shellac. The sticker may not adhere properly or pull wet polish from the nail if your nail polish is not totally dried. Before putting stickers on gel/shellac, make sure the last coat of gel has been fully cured.

2. Remove your chosen nail stickers from their backing sheet with tweezers. If you touch the sticky side of the sticker with your fingers, the adhesiveness will be reduced.

Place nail stickers on the nail gently at first, then press them firmly with a silicone tool once you’re satisfied with their placement. 

3. Use a silicone tool to do it; it’s much gentler on stickers than an orange stick (which can scratch them), and the smooth surface ensures that the sticker sticks to the nails completely without creases or air bubbles.

4. When applying the sticker over a nail, smooth it on from the center to the edges. This will remove any trapped air bubbles beneath the sticker that could cause minor bubbling in the top coat.

5. Smooth long thin stickers, such as the Geo Pattern or the Golden Goddess, from bottom to top or from left to right to remove any trapped air bubbles. 

6. Trim the edges of the sticker (after it has been put to a nail) to ensure that it fits exactly and matches the curve of your nail (free edge) or nail bed.

If you’re applying the adhesive directly at the edge of the nail or at the nail bed, like the design above, make sure it goes over the free edge/polish and then clip the excess with cuticle nippers to ensure the sticker matches the contour of the nail or nail bed precisely.

7. To seal and protect the stickers, apply two coats of a top coat (or gel/shellac top coat) over the entire nail and the stickers. This will help extend the life of your manicure and smooth out the edges of the stickers. The clear edges of the Presson Shop stickers will melt away completely, leaving only the print visible on the nail surface.

8. If you’re doing a negative space design or applying stickers over bare nails, paint your nails with a base or clear nail polish first. Nail stickers won’t attach well unless your nails are polished because they produce their own natural oils. 

Of course, not all nail stickers are created equal, but these guidelines will work for the majority of brands, especially for ultra-thin styles like ours.

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