Duplicate photos on your device shares largest part in the identical files your device stores. These similar and exact looking picture files accumulate on your device over time occupying precious storage space. These data also affect your device speed and performance negatively. These identical files accumulate due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup, etc. Another probable reason is our love to take selfies and clicking pictures on burst mode, which end up hoarding lots of similar and unnecessary photo files on your phone. To deal with this unnecessary lot of photo files, you can perform manual cleaning of your device, which proves time and efforts are consuming and doesn’t guarantee accurate results.

The next best option available is to use duplicate photo remover apps which offer instant and accurate results. One such app is Duplicate Photos Fixer which uses advanced algorithms to find and delete duplicate photo files even from the remotest corner of your device. This app is a useful tool to de-duplicate your device instantly to recover some valuable storage space. It offers some amazing features and functions. Let’s discuss some of them here in this review.

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Highlights of the App

  • Uses advanced algorithms to find and delete similar and exact looking files.
  • Offers intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Simple few steps process.
  • Recovers lots of precious storage space.
  • Improves device speed and performance.

Duplicate Photos Fixer’s features & functions

Select Scan type:

To start the scanning process first, you need to select a scan type to initiate the process of finding and removing identical photo files from your device. You can select any specific folder, camera images or select the full scan option. Once you have selected the scan type, next is to press “Scan for Duplicates” button to start the scanning process.

One more useful feature is added here called “Scan Settings” in the options. Using this feature, you can set the matching level to find similar or exact photo files on your phone. You can click on Exact or Similar radio buttons to set the matching level. Matching level vary from low to high, where low level displays the results with lower similarities in the files and higher level display exact looking files. You can also set the default level by resetting it. You can click on “Scan for Duplicates” button from here as well to start the scanning process.

Scan in Process:

Scan process uses advanced algorithms to provide instant and accurate results. It is designed to reduce your manual efforts and save time to provide better results. Though the scanning process is known to provide swift results, time may vary as per scan type you have selected. In full scan mode, it may take a while to provide results as it needs to scan every corner of your device storage.

Scan Results:

It display results in an auto-mark format in groups where last file (s) of the group remain marked to be removed. You can simply click on the delete button in the lower-right corner of the screen to instantly remove all selected files. It will help you recover some precious storage space instantly. It offers other options like “Unmark All” which helps you unmark all files to manually select them to delete. You can find the similar “Scan Settings” option here from home page of the app which helps you set matching level. In other options, you can find rescan, auto mark and delete options.

Clear Cache:

Usually app stores your recent searches as cache, which helps you scan and find results instantly. You can consider removing this cache data from the app to start whole new scan process. To do this, the app offers “Clear cache” option in the menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen) of the results. By clicking this option, you can direct app to start new scan process to scan and find similar files on your phone.


Using this option you can click on the selected results to see a preview of the files before deleting them. It helps you manage your photo gallery and files in much better way. On preview page, you can find complete file detail including file size, image resolution, and path of the file. To delete this file, you can click on the delete icon (upper-right corner of the screen). It displays all similar files from the specific group. You can use this function, to prevent deletion of important data and manage files in a much better way.


This is the unique selling point of the app as it offers multiple language options to help users around the world. It covers all major language options to perform tasks on this app. You can select any language of your choice, and the app will change the functions in your selected language. This is the useful function which allows you to perform tasks in your native language and a certain comfort.

Benefits of the Duplicate Photo Remover App

Organized Photo Gallery:

This useful app helps you de-duplicate your photo collection to provide you improved and organized photo gallery. It helps you manage your cluttered photo gallery in much better way. This app is a useful tool to find and delete all identical files instantly. It also helps you reduce file search time as it removes all similar copies of the same files. You can use this app for instant and accurate results.

Recover Storage Space:

Studies suggest that duplicate photos on any device occupy a lot of precious storage space unnecessarily. These files accumulate in large numbers on your device affecting your device speed and performance negatively. Thus, deleting all such unnecessary files help you recover a lot of storage space instantly, improving device speed and performance. This way you can also save more important data on your device easily.

Improve device performance:

As earlier suggested, duplicate files occupy a lot of storage space and affect device speed and performance. Thus, deleting all such data helps you instantly recover some valuable storage space to improve device performance. It also helps you reduce file search time considerably as the device is free from all cluttered and unorganized data. It is a useful tool to make your device run smooth and active.

Improved results:

App uses advanced algorithms to offer you instant and accurate results. The scanning process is designed to provide swift results to clean your device from all duplicates effectively. This useful tool helps you reduce your manual efforts and time to search for similar files. It uses smart techniques to scan and find similar files even from the remotest corner of the device. You can find all latest features in this app to clean your device effectively to recover some valuable storage space.

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Final Verdict:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is a perfect combination of advanced technology and improved performance. This tool offers some amazing results to give you seamless experience on your smartphone. It removes all similar and exact looking files in few simple steps to save your time and manual efforts. It is designed to provide you clean and organized device with enhanced performance. Knowing the benefits of this useful app, we highly suggest this app to users around the world.


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