This is very common that we face some little troubles while using the internet and “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error is one of them. A few days back I was also getting this error on my machine, whenever I open the Google Chrome browser on my Windows 8 machine, it shows “This Webpage Is Not Available” and below the showing as “DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet.” So searched for the solution on this issues and after going through so many forum discussion, I can fix it on my computer.

So here I am going to tell all steps that can fix DNS server error and you wouldn’t get “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” error while browsing the internet. I checked everything in my case, and it was just a DNS problem in my connection, and it was fixed after changing the automatically obtained DNS Server to OpenDNS server. Here is some common issues might possible in your router or modem that you can fix by following several steps.

Fix DNS Probe Finished Error on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

dns probe finished no internet  Fix 1: Via Windows Command Prompt-

The first solution of getting rid of this error is reset your network connection. You can do it by following these several command lines on your device and in most of the cases “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” issue get solved by these steps only. So try this first… For that, you need to open the command prompt and try “netsh winsock reset”.  If you played with command prompt earlier then its easy for you but if didn’t use in paste then follow the simple steps below.

Note: Please don’t your double quotes (“”) there, simply put the words given here, for example, type netsh winsock reset only instead of “netsh winsock reset”.

Step 1: For opening command prompt, just press “Windows Key+R” together.

Step 2: Now program run window will open in front of your eyes, just type “cmd” there and hit enter.

open cmdStep 3: Now you’re moved to command prompt; here you need to type “netsh winsock reset” and hit ENTER button from your keyboard.

You will get a message as “Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog. You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.”

Step 4: Now reboot and retry open internet browser. You will not face DNS Probe Finished No Internet error anymore. If you still facing the same error then try other methods of fixes on your device.

It might be possible that the error presents at IP address also. You can follow this step to renew your IP configuration. For that, you need to open command prompt again and type these lines there. You can follow above steps to open the command prompt.

Type “ipconfig /release” and hit enter from your keyboard. Once the process of releasing IP address completed, now type “ipconfig /renew” and hit the enter button again.

ipconfig releaseNow flush the DNS Server of your machine to fix the error DNS Probe Finished No Internet. Just type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit enter.

ipconfig renewFix 2: By Changing Automatic DNS Server to Open DNS-

The next solution of DNS Probe Finished No Internet error is to change automatic DNS server setting to Open DNS server. It worked me pretty well when I was using my college Wi-Fi. I tried changing automatically obtained DNS server address to Open DNS. For that, you need to go through these simple steps.

Step 1: First of all you need to open network and sharing setting on your computer. You can open it by clicking on Network Icon in the taskbar and then Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Now click on Change the adapter setting option there and pick the type of connection you are having. In my case, I was connected to Wi-Fi network, so I choose Wi-Fi. If you are on LAN, then click on Ethernet option there.

change adapter settingStep 3: Now right click on Wi-Fi option and click on properties. A new tab will open containing DNS server setting. Click on Use the following DNS server address and insert the following website there.

wifi propertiesDNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

open dns settingStep 4: Tick the Validate Setting Upon Exit and click on OK. This will change your computer DNS server to Open DNS server. Open DNS server is most reliable in the market and it will now longer cause “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” issue in your browser.

Fix 3: Checking Firewall and Internet Security Setting-

In some cases, your firewall also causes the problem in connecting to the internet, and you get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error on your machine. You need to check and verify the Firewall setting of your device. For that, you can go to Control Panel and search for Firewall setting. Check if internet sharing blocked or not, if you then allow the browser for internet access. In case you are using any third party Antivirus software, then please go to Firewall setting of that Antivirus Software and enable browser program for internet sharing. If you are unable to fix then shoot an email to your Antivirus Software Company with explaining your problem.

Fix 4: By Clearing Bowser Cache or Reinstalling Browser-

If you still getting the same error in your browser, please try to clear cache and cookies of your browser. Also, clear all temp files from your computer. For deleting temp files, you can open Run command by pressing Windows+R button together and type %temp% there and hit enter. Now select all temp files and delete it.

Also, try to reinstall your browser if DNS Server Error still presents after taking all these actions.

Fix 5: By Rebooting your Router-

The problem might give at router end also. Try resetting your router for getting fixed the error. You can access router setting with the URL provided below. The default username and password are “admin.”

  • D-Link –
  • TP-link –
  • 3Com –
  • Netgear –
  • Micromax –
  • Linksys –
  • Belkin –

Once you are logged in, navigate to System Tools > Reboot then click the restart button.

Fix 6: Try to remove any website filtering software from your PC-

After applying all above steps, if you still getting DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet error on your PC, then please check whether any website filtering software installed or not. In case any filtering software present on your machine, please try after uninstalling and don’t forget to restart your PC after taking this action.


I was getting the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error from past few days and did a lot of research. I had seen many users asking on Quora for getting the solution of DNS server error, so write this article so that our readers doesn’t face such issues while browsing the internet. I am 100% sure that these steps are enough to get fixed the problem. If you still facing DNS error on Windows, then please leave a comment below and please share a screenshot of your error too so that we can help in the best possible way. We request you to share this article on social medias as well.


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