Digital Product Blueprint 2016 Review, Discount & Bonus

“If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates

Internet is full of money, you only have to go in right way to bank it in your account. For that you must have internet marketing skills. When I started my journey with internet marketing, for one year I didn’t earn a single penny. After one year I started analyzing my one year journey and found where I lacked.

So I came to conclusion that I didn’t get proper guidance in this field. Then I decided to get some guidance from skilled and successful people who already doing well in this field. So my suggestion is if you have reached your fist milestone, it does not meant that you achieved your goal.

If you’re happy by earning $1000 or $2000 per month then my suggestion is just leave this field. You are not at right track of your life. You can earn that amount anywhere. Internet marketing is not a job, it is entrepreneurship. You do not have to work for anyone. People call it Laptop Style and earning hell lot of money. People are earning $5K in a day and you are happy with only $2k/month? WTF!! Set a big goal man and chess it. This is not a big deal, you only need some patience and right guidance to enhance your skills.

Do you want to enhance your internet marketing skills? You must have a proper guidance for it else you will travel on wrong path for long time as I spent 1 years in it. For proper guidance you must have an experienced and successful internet marketer who can guide you in right way. Eben Pagan’s is a successful internet marketer, well known around the world. Eben Pagan’s just launched his brand new digital marketing lectures best known as “Digital Product Blueprint 2016”.


Digital Product Blueprint 2016 reviews

Vendor: Eben Pagan

Product: Digital Product Blueprint 2016

Launch Date: 2016-09-27

Launch Time: 09:00 EDT

digital product blueprint

The Digital Product Blueprint is the latest creation from a biggest and successful internet marketer. It takes the best of what Eben’s learned about identifying a profitable niche – whether you’re new and this is for your first product or you’re already in the industry and identifying your next niche or product opportunity, then creating your digital product, packaging it, creating the marketing for it, getting traffic and customers, and building funnels to convert sales over the long-term.

Before moving to this product, let me put some light on Eben Pagan’s life. Ultimately you should know about your teacher.

About Eben Pagan:

Eben Pagan

He is an American born entrepreneur, internet marketer, author and speaker whose estimated earning around $2.2 million in 2014 and currently he is earning around $147 million per year. He born in Brooklyn, New York and best known for teaching dating advice to men (under the stage-name David AeAngelo),as well as business management, growth and personal development skills to internet marketers.

Eben Pagan is regarded as most respected and successful internet marketer globally. He is well known for his down to earth, methodical and professional style. He teaches many internet marketers globally through his mix of video training, webinars, written guides and seminars.

Eben’s business success is because of his ability to find, research and create valuable products that are on high demand. Each of his products was based upon the feedback he receive from the market telling him what they wanted. All his secrete behind his business success is explained in this brand new Digital Products Blueprint 2016.

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All these products by Eben Pagan has got great success and helped many internet marketers to double their business in few months only. Digital Products Blueprint is latest upcoming product by this great internet marketer.

So let’s take an overview of Digital Products Blueprint 2016…


Digital Products Blueprint Review

What You Will Learn:

Well this blueprint is divided into two modules:

  1. Niche Authority
  2. Brand Authority

Under Niche authority you will get the basic to advance knowledge on following topics:


  • Introduction
  • Why you need a brand to succeed online?
  • What Is A Brand?
  • What Aspects Make A Brand?
  • How to Come Up With a Mission Statement
  • Apple’s Values Statement & Why They’re Successful
  • Writing Your Mission Statement – Your Promise
  • Coming Up With a Company or Website Name
  • Considerations for Your Company or Website Name
  • Getting a Website
  • Creating Your Logo – What Makes A Good Logo?
  • Ideation – Coming Up With A Concept For Design
  • Designing a Logo Yourself
  • Outsourcing Your Logo Design
  • Protecting Your Trademark
  • Using Your Logo and Being Everywhere
  • More Materials to Create
  • Creating a Personal Brand
  • Being Everywhere – Building Trust
  • Content Marketing and Becoming An Authority
  • Creating Relationships
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver
  • Increasing Brand Loyalty
  • Marketing Your Brand
  • Content Marketing For Exposure
  • Guest Posting And Press Releases
  • Advertising And SEO
  • How To Manage Your Brand And Reputation
  • Reputation Management
  • What To Do If You’re Planning on Rebranding
  • And Much More!


Under brand authority module these following topics are covered:


  • Introduction And What You Will Learn
  • What is a Niche? Some Statistics
  • How Have You Chosen Your Niches to Date?
  • Avoid This Common Strategy
  • Starting with Self Interests
  • Examples of Blogs on Personal Interests
  • Combining a Niche with a Personal Brand
  • Tapping Into Your Love of Learning
  • Why Listen to a Learner?
  • Go Where the Money Is
  • What Makes a Niche Profitable?
  • Some High Earning Niches To Consider
  • Profitability and Your Target Audience
  • Profitability and Evergreen Sites
  • Zeroing in on a Certain Demographic
  • Shrinking Your Audience
  • Choosing Your Audience
  • Is Your Niche Content Rich?
  • Researching Your Niche and Coming Up With Topics
  • Is It Click Worthy?
  • Digital Product Affiliate Promotion Potential
  • Finding a Niche for Digital Affiliate Products
  • Big Affiliate Networks
  • Think in Terms of Tangible Affiliate Profits
  • Is There Room for You to Launch Products?
  • Consider Whether There’s Space for Your Product
  • Products for Smaller Niches
  • Validating Your Product
  • Keyword Research Tools To Find Hot Niches
  • LongTail Pro And SpyFu
  • Google’s Keyword Planner
  • SEOBook’s Keyword Tools

And Much More!

finding profitable niche

Do not only stuck here because Digital Product Blueprint 2016 is much more than just creating a product of your own and selling it online. It’s about designing your lifestyle and generating enough income and freedom to make a difference in the world.

Digital Product Blueprint reviews:

Eben has a wonderful teaching style that I think you will definitely going to enjoy it. Here is Eben Eben explaining you how you can double your productivity.

Step 1: Identifying your targeted niche:

The very first and most important step in creating your own digital product is identifying a market segment that you are going to target. Just put something that actually no one in competition. Here in this session you will learn how you can select a specific niche and advance way to explore it that none are targeting.

Step 2: Create your own Digital Product:

If you will come with a high quality product, you can easily beat your competitors also flatten your customers who become fan of it and ready to by again and again. This is not a big task to choose a digital product which flatten your customers.

Step 3: How to package your new digital product:

How you are presenting your digital product before your customers is really matters a lot. You must have look for customer experience and customize your digital product accordingly.

Step 4: Marketing of your digital products to market:

What are the best way to deliver the right message on right mediums to maximize conversion of your new digital product? Most of this can be automated to make your job more easier and simpler.

Step 5: Funnels:

Funnels allow you to cross-sell, up-sell, down sell, and make a ton of money on the back end of your digital product. Your funnels will automate this entire process for you.

Step 6: Right Traffic:

Nothing happen without highly targeted traffic. Focus must me on targeted. For example you are providing any keyword research tool and your website is ranking on a keyword “Best free keyword research tool” then most of people only interested in free tools so how you will get sale, So your traffic must me highly targeted for conversion.


If you are really want to achieve something bug in internet marketing, Digital product blueprint will help you a lot. My thumb is up for this product by Eben Pagan because I like his style of teaching and unique and productive things he deliver in his lecture. Including me and many others also liked this product and got benefited.


Digital Product Blueprint 2016 Bonus and Discount

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