Instagram is world top photo sharing platform having more than 300 million users. Instagram owned by Facebook and users need to log in using Facebook ID into Instagram. But, what to do if we want to delete the Instagram account permanently? This question is asked so many times in some popular forum that how to delete an Instagram account permanently.

In this guide, I am going to discuss easy steps to remove the Instagram account permanently from the Instagram database. Well, this article divided into two parts, in one part you will learn how to disable the Instagram account temporarily and in the second part you will learn how to delete Instagram account permanently.

How to disable Instagram account temporarily

Step 1-

  • Login to the Instagram account from the computer which you want to disable temporarily.

Step 2-

  • Click on “My Profile” account icon from top right corner on your desktop screen.

Step 3-

  • Now select edit profile option.

Step 4-

  • After that click on “Temporarily Disable Account” from bottom right corner. That’s it, your Instagram account temporarily.

How to delete Instagram account permanently

 Here is step by step guide on how to delete Instagram account permanently

Step 1-

  • Login into the Instagram account from the desktop because Instagram App doesn’t have the option to delete the account.

Step 2-

  • Go to and pick the reason, why you want to delete the Instagram account permanently and give a genuine answer. If you are not logged into Instagram, then it will ask for your Insta username and password.

Step 3-

  • Now, tap on Delete my account permanently option and log out from your account. That’s it… This way anyone can delete their Insta account permanently.


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