How To Hack WiFi Password On Android [No Root][100% Working]
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How many times did you try to hack a WiFi password from Android device? Have you succeeded in cracking the password? If not, then read this article carefully because today I’ll share working tips to hack WiFi password using Android Phones. Mostly we use any WiFi hacking apps from Google Play store to know WiFi password of the nearby network, but in most of the cases, we failed in this. The reason behind this is, we are not using a genuine WiFi hacking apps for Android. So I’ll tell you few original WiFi hacking tools for Android phones along with step by step guide.

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How To Hack WiFi Password From Android Device

I love to do experiments with my device, and for that, I have rooted it. But most of the people saying that this method is working with non-rooted Android devices too. So try once, if not succeed in this, then please root your phone and then you can hack a WiFi password from your rooted device.

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Tools required in hacking wifi password with Android phone-

  • Bcmon App (APK File).
  • Reaver for Android or RFA.
  • Root Checker App (For rooting the Android)
  • Kingroot App (For Rooting the Android)

Steps To Know Someone WiFi Password-

  1. Download and install bcmon apk on your Android device and run it.
  2. Once you run the bcmon app on your phone, it will ask to install some additional apps and firmware to your phone, install them.
  3. Now click on enable monitor mode.
  4. The next step is to download and install Reaver App on your phone.
  5. Reaver app will scan all available WiFi network near the range and make sure that Monitor Mode is enabled and Advance Setting Option is checked.
  6. Now choose the WiFi network which you want to hack and click on Start Attack to initiate the hacking process.
  7. Now, wait for some time to complete the hacking process.
That’s it… You have cracked the WiFi password of your nearby network.

Note- This method can only hack WPS enabled WiFi networks.


Bcmon APK is most familiar and trusted application to hack WiFi password on Android device, but the problem with this app is, most of the cases it doesn’t support all Android device. I hope your device will support this app if you are getting crash error first time then try it for at least 4 to 5 times. Once this app supported to your device, you can crack any WPA enable WiFi network.
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