Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket & Other Accessories to Carry for Infrared Sauna

The far infrared sauna technology has transformed the sauna industry significantly amid the COVID crisis. High effectiveness, portability and affordability are the reasons why people have started switching from conventional to far-infrared sauna options. From design aspects, they are sleeping bags equipped with advanced heating technology. A heating element emits far infrared waves at a comfortable level so that the body releases enough toxins and sweat. All this process occurs inside a bag so your first experience will be entirely different from a typical sauna room. While preparing for a sauna treatment, some accessories are crucial to keeping aside. We are enlisting them below. 

Accessories Crucial for Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Treatment

  • Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket

It is not actually a blanket but an inserting towel for a comfortable sauna experience. The cotton waffle weave blanket is made with pure fabric that absorbs excess heat while inside a sauna bag. Moreover, your sweaty experience also reduces a lot because cotton absorbs your body fluids efficiently. The third benefit is its skin-friendly properties. Avoid synthetic material towels because they emit toxic compounds at high temperatures. Along with a skin-friendly towel insert, also make sure that the outer material of the bag is non-toxic.

  • Bian Stone

Bian stone is an ancient Chinese healing device possessing temperature retention properties. Before sliding inside the infrared heating blanket, make sure that your body has become enough comfortable as per the treatment requirements. Bian stones for massage are available in the market. While rubbing on the body, the stone releases ultrasonic waves that improve the body’s microcirculation. Moreover, the stone has shown positive results in detoxification and body heat release. 

Additional Advice

  • Stay Enough Hydrated 

Water content in your body reduces drastically during the sauna session in a far-infrared blanket. It appears clearly on the sweaty waffle knit blanket you insert. Thus, drink at least 2-3 glasses of water 30 minutes before starting your sauna session. On average, the human body loses 2% of total water content during a sauna session. If it is the summer season or you are living in a hot region, take hydration seriously. 

  • Maintain Comfortable Body Posture 

Body postures play a crucial role in treatment quality because you have to spend almost an hour inside the blanket. During this time, The body must remain in a relaxed position so that you can rejuvenate optimally. It is advisable to find a calm place in your home so that your brain can also relax properly.

Keep It for Personal Use 

As mentioned above, it is an infrared heating blanket sleeve that looks like a sleeping bag. This design accommodates only one person and sweat goes nowhere out. Consequently, the bad odor can be an issue. Along with cleaning it with every session, also try to use it individually only. It will prevent skin infections and various contagious health issues too. 

Far infrared sauna therapy is a much better option if you compare the results, price and comfort of use. However, the results entirely depend on product quality. Always do proper research on available brands before buying. 

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