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On 8th November 2016, Prime Minister announced a big steps to get back black money which was most trending news of yesterday and day before yesterday (even it will be most popular subject for few days more until a new big announcement came from other source).

convert black money in to white After that, many of people were searching for “How to convert black money in to white” so I decided to write this article early morning after watching ABP news. If you are also looking for how to convert black money in to white money then this article may help you up to great extent.

So start paying attention… because few minute of your attention will help you a lot to convert your blackmoney in to white legally …

Wait… I am not going to suggest anything illegal because I also want all black money back. I’ll cover only legal way to save income taxes up to great extent, so don’t think you can convert your all black money in to white money…


You can save good amount by following these steps…

Before moving further, first I want to share what I feel about this big step taken against black money by Sri Narendra Modi (ultimately this is my blog and I’ve right to share my feeling :p ). I am in completely in favour of this great steps towards black money retrenchment because it will help our country to achieve new height of success.

No doubt there are hell lot of discussion going on about this topic, even politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Assasudin Owesi etc. are talking against this second surgical strike against black money.

Yes… They can talk because our constitution given FREEDOM OF SPEECH so they have right to utilize it. They are telling that, how this step will helps in getting back black money to the country? I want to ask one question is they have any other way to get back black money?

If you have any better idea then why didn’t implemented till now? Fu*** them, if you don’t have capability to initiate any steps then please shut your mouth and help it in getting success.

Why you are so worried about this, do you also have black money? (Asking to them who are against this, not you… enjoy reading if you are not interested then skip this paragraph and directly move to steps to get convert black money in to white).

If you also not in support of this steps of banning INR 500 and INR 1000 notes then comment your argument with proper solution and start a discussion with other readers.

Okay! Let it stop here and start reading about all possible way to convert black money in white legally…

How to Convert Black Money in to White without Paying Income Tax

So here are all possible way to transform your black money in to white…

Step #1:

The very first step towards converting black money in to white is, deposit your all amount into bank and start paying income taxes legally. (What did you thought? I’ll go against this great step… Fu** OFF from here if you are corrupt _|^|_).

Step #2:

The very next step if you want to covert black money in to white is, distribute all your amount in to poor people so that they can utilize it for food and shelter J .

Step #3:

If you still don’t agree to distribution among poor fellows then wait until income tax department came to your doorstep and get you to Jail. : )

Final Verdict:

If you were looking to convert black money in to white money then these are simple steps by which you can convert black money to white legally. I was looking on some discussion thread on Facebook, haters were talking about this is not a good path to get back black money and highlighting more issue like Pakistan attack and Unemployment, so I want only this message to them.

We can’t treat all disease with single pill, for every disease we need different pill. This is most effective pill against black money. HIV and Cancer can’t be treated with single medicine and also can’t possible in one day or one week or one month but yes… Wait for few more days and give chances so that all general problems can be solved. And yes, these is Start-Up India scheme by which you can get your own business and no need to worry about unemployment.

We should appreciate this great step and support it. It’s our duty to help it getting succeed. And please share this article as much as possible so that other can also get aware. Thanks for visiting here!

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