7 Apps Like “Clean Master” For Android To Clear Junk Memory

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Clean Master has caught considerable popularity among Android users but doesn’t you think, other developers working too in this area. Yes… There are many other developers put their efforts into the development of the app for Android with similar features like Clean Master.  CCleaner and Clean Master are gain their popularity because they worked before then someone started working in this field.

Here are top 7 apps like Clean Master for Android that can help you in erasing junk memory of your smartphone. Just pick the best memory eraser/RAM booster apps for the Android device.

Best Clean Master Alternatives For Android

ram booster for android
1. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner:

DU Speed Booster is another RAM booster app for Android that helps in increasing the performance of your Android phone. Well, the brand is not new for you because you probably installed DU Battery Saver on your device. The same company develops DU Speed Booster & Cleaner. The app is easy to use and lightweight that will erase junk files from Android phones.

DU Speed Booster is not any ordinary memory cleaner, but it scans junk files deeply from your device and clears it in one tap of the fingertip. It also removes trash files running in your internal memory to boost your device functionality.

2. CCleaner:

CCleanerThe brand has gain incredible popularity for Windows platform. I am premium user of CCleaner and using it for my Windows PC. I have got great experience with this software that’s why I tried it on my Android device too. The app similarly works like other cleaner apps which cleans temporary files, downloaded files and cache files from Android device. Additionally the app is capable of discovering unused space between Call logs and SMS and empty it completely. The app has also some additional features like RAM Meter, CPU Manager, PP Manager and many more. I would rather tell you, CCleaner is complete package for your Android device.

3. MobileGO Cleaner & Optimizer:

MobileGo-Cleaner-OptimizerMobileGo Cleaner & Optimizer is another great app available on Google Play Store. It’s huge hits and positive reviews over there tells its popularity. The app has all necessary feature that a memory cleaner app should have. It has capability to find all unnecessary empty spaces, junk files and cache memory and clear it. The device is really works great after clearing junk memory with this junk memory cleaner app. The best part it, available for free of cost to download over play store.

4. 1 Tap Cleaner:

1Tap-CleanerI downloaded this app after seeing amazing review of it over Google Play Store. The people has amazing experience with this junk memory cleaner. Initially the app had some crashes issue but in next update, developers solved that. Now it working perfect and capable of clearing all history and cache memory of your device to boost performance. I would recommend you to give it a try.

5. The Cleaner- Speed Up and Clean:

Another amazing RAM booster app for Android phones which finds and clean all unnecessary spaces between apps. It will give you memory details on single dashboard. The app is gaining amazing popularity among Android users. One additional feature included in this app is, it detect malicious apps in your device and block the permission of accessing critical files from your device. Overall, the app has good functionalities, you can try your hand on this.

6. SD Maid- System Cleaning Tool:

SD-Maid-System-Cleaning-ToolThe app is loaded with extra feature and has great capabilities in clearing junk files from Android device. Well, the additional feature is available in paid versions only but you can utilize the feature of cache clearing, junk memory recovering and performance boosting in free version as well.

In paid version of this app, it acts like you file manager which keeps track of your deleted apps and files from your device. It also tracks widowed folders on your device and removes them completely, the only limitation it has less optimization.

7. App Cache Cleaner:

In the last but not least, App Cache Cleaner yet another powerful app for boosting speed and performance of Android Smartphones. It has the capability to find all additional space which was created by installed apps in your device and cleared it in one tap. This is lightweight here, and there is no chance of slowing your device, only install it for free from play store and take a try. Your device will work smoothly and fastly after clearing unwanted junk memories in your device.


So there are top 7 cache memory cleaner apps for Android phones which I tried on my device. I have the great experience with all these apps, and I never recommend you to go with other huge memory cleaner apps. Just pick any of this list and try for few days. I had got good experience with CCleaner and DU Speed Booster, so I recommend these two first. Rest depend upon your choice but don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comment box.