Benefits of Case Management Software for Law Firms

Law is a demanding profession in terms of hard work and time. A lawyer usually puts 50 to 60 hours a week to make sure that his client gets justice. But being a lawyer is not that easy. Apart from the hard work and the time they put into a case, a lawyer is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Provide consultation to the clients regarding business, claim liability or legal rights and obligation.
  • Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations and facilitate individuals and businesses.
  • Analyze case outcomes.
  • Represent the client in front of judges and juries.
  • Develop strategies for the case.
  • Gather information
  • Formulate motions, present to judges, and ask questions to witnesses.
  • Prepare legal documents such as wills, deeds, contracts, etc.
  • Manage their team.

Cases are generally of the following type:

  • Criminal cases
  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Civil cases
  • Family law
  • Small claims
  • Juvenile cases
  • General civil cases
Case Management Software for Law Firms
Case Management Software for Law Firms

Each case requires extensive research, which leads to a lot of information to be stored and managed. A lawyer also has to ensure that this information is secured from anyone other than his client. Case management becomes essential for a lawyer to successfully and efficiently work on the case.

What is Case management

Case management is described as organizing the loads of data that belong to a particular case and then filtering that data to form logical conclusions that are legally acceptable. The process of case management is very cumbersome as it involves multiple documents belonging to multiple personals in a single case.

Case Management Software

Like every other industry, IT has been a savior for Law firms too. Specialized project management software for a law firm, which is known as case management software is helping advocates all over the world. A case management software, at the very root, is like a virtual assistant to lawyers, which helps in organizing, collaborating, managing, time tracking, and billing of the case.

A case management software ensures that a lawyer does not need to put so much effort and time in managing the information, but rather, he can focus on the more pressing matters at hand. The time which is usually spent in creating piles of sheets and then in finding out the connection in them can be reduced greatly. Case management software works as an assistant to a lawyer. Let’s look at how case management software can be useful for a law firm.

Benefits of Case Management Software

Team collaboration

Through online case management software, a lawyer and his team can collaborate from any place.

Better organization

Gone are the days of paper. Everything can be digitalized through software, and that includes the documents of a case too. Every document can be uploaded in a secure cloud space, which is automatically linked to the given case. This document is not vulnerable to being lost or copied. It can be viewed at any place with an internet connection.

Better communication

Verbal instructions have always led to ambiguity in law firms. Interns and young associates have been a victim of a lack of communication among themselves. But with case management software, employees can communicate better. Through tools like Gantt chart and Kanban boards, they can keep track of the tasks assigned to them. Employees are also aware of the dependency of their tasks on the case, which leads to a better sense of responsibility.

Time tracking and billing

One of the major problems faced by lawyers all over the world is getting paid on time. With time tracking tools embedded in case management software, this is no more a concern. A time tracking facility makes the process of lawyers transparent to the client. It provides visibility to clients for all the work done by the lawyers and removes confusion between the client and the firm. The bill can be generated automatically on the software itself. The bill is generated by calculating the hours put in by the firm and multiplying them with the billables rate.

Work from anywhere

A lawyer does not need to sacrifice his health or vacations for that usual crucial deadline. One of the key benefits of using case management software is that a lawyer can coordinate with his team from any place. He is constantly updated about all the changes or new information. He can access the documents from any place and work accordingly. All you need is one internet connection and of course authorization.

Better customer service

No more yelling at the workplace to get details for that client who appeared randomly. You can just log into the software, search the client case, get the details, get updated, and any employee can now attend the client. This reduces dependency on a particular person. It also ensures a happy client because of its fast and reliable service.

Better security

Recognizing the importance of the documents and information stored on them, case management software comes with a high level of encryption. If you are not authorized, you cannot access the data.

Easier document creation

By defining a template or saving a format for the regular documents, all you need to do is log in to your case management software and generate the required documents in just a few seconds.

No human error

If you are a lawyer, you have been a victim of an error by your teammate or intern. Case management software will not let you down. Provided that the input is correct, the software works accordingly in the generation of the required documents.

Reports and analysis

Visualization is the best way of achieving optimization and increasing productivity. Charts and graphs generated by the software not only helps in the analysis of the case but also in maintaining deadlines, assessing the status of the case and helps in generating reports for the client. You do not need to create reports instantly when the client requests them; you can just log in to the software and generate reports based on the case data with just a few clicks.

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