Car Air Conditioning Service | Know Everything to Find a Reliable Agency

Which is the most uncomfortable moment while driving a car? What if your air conditioning system stops working during a long road trip? During the summer season, this situation becomes worse. A malfunctioning air-conditioning system is not easy to repair as we change a flat tire or worn-out coolant. Only professional car air conditioning service providers can help with this concern. Your car AC is one of the most delicate systems installed in the vehicle.  

It is a complicated assembly of parts like compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve and accumulator. Prolonged use of the air conditioning system starts causing malfunctioning issues. A failing car AC shows some symptoms that we usually ignore. However, ignoring them for a long time may result in big troubles. For car owners, we are making a list of symptoms signifying a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Read the points below and figure out which one is currently affecting your vehicle. 

Major symptoms of a failing AC

  • Strange noise while turning on

Compressor plays a crucial role in supplying cool air to the cabin of your car. If if there is some technical issue with the air compressor, it starts producing strange noise. You can clearly hear that noise while turning on the essay. AC compressor is made up of various small parts sophisticatedly sealed to deliver the desired performance. In most cases, replacement of the compressor is the only solution because the chances of repair are less. 

  • Less or no cooling

Not a single one but there are multiple reasons for less or no cooling at all. Leakage of refrigerant gas is one of the main reasons why we have to face the cooling issue. Sometimes, the connection between hoses gets loose that causes leakage. Refilling gas and proper sealing of hoses can solve the issue. 

If there is no leakage, check the electrical faults. These faults causeless power delivery to the compressor which results in insufficient cooling. Only a proficient air con service provider can identify the faulty area of the power supply. 

  • Weird smell

If you are experiencing some weird smell while turning on the car air conditioning system, mold is the culprit. High moisture levels in the vents of cars become an ideal condition for mold growth. This problem mostly occurs when you use the air conditioning system after a long time. Mold built-up in the car vent system not only delivers a weird smell but also causes severe damage to the compressor. The compressor has to bear more load than usual which results in malfunctioning and complete failure. 

  • Hot air

Are you experiencing a hot year instead of the cooling effect while turning on the AC? If yes, contact auto air conditioning service providers as soon as possible. Jammed suction lines are the main reasons for or delivering hot air inside the car cabin. Professional hair conditioning engineers unclog the jamming without causing any damage to the compressor or other parts. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is advisable to find a professional as soon as possible. Let me help you in finding a proficient car air conditioning service provider. 

Finding a proficient car AC repair service

  • Choose a certified and licensed agency

Instead of trusting any random individual car service station, we recommend going with the option of a licensed car service chain. They are available in almost every city and maintain consistency in the service quality. Usually, they are approachable online for booking purposes. You just need to fill the online form to book a service slot. Don’t forget to check the license and certification on their site.

  • Qualified technicians

Do they have dedicated qualified technicians for different faults? For air conditioning service in cars, only trust a certified refrigeration engineer. As we mentioned above, car air conditioning is a delicate system that may get damaged more if an incompetent person is handling it. 

  • OEM parts only

It is advisable to make sure that the agency is using original equipment manufacturer parts only. OEM parts are fully compatible with the system and have a good life span. Also, they come with a specific warranty period so that you don’t have to struggle and lose money in case of malfunctioning. 

  • Service warranty

Not only product warranty but also ask for service warranty. After repairing, the agency should be accountable for any kind of malfunctioning for a certain period of time. 

Read the terms and conditions of the service warranty carefully. Clarify what are the inclusions and exclusions involved in the warranty. Never ignore small symptoms of malfunctioning because they turn into a big issue that costs much higher later. 

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