How to Capture & Upload 360 Degree Photos on Facebook


Facebook, a smart invention of youngest rich person Mark Jukerberg during his study time. Facebook is most popular social media network around the globe. In this era, successful business without social media is unimaginable, a film star without social following is unimaginable, and a politician without social media following is unimaginable apart from these you can’t live without social media.

Recently 360 degree images are trending on social media websites like Facebook and twitter. With this feature, you can cover your all direction of any location within single image and upload on Facebook. I am pretty sure that you have seen some 360 degree pictures on Facebook. If you don’t, then try it now. You will not believe this amazing features of 360 degree images.

Okay… Are you ready to see this latest magic?

Cool! Let’s roll on with this article. Now you have doubt to, how to create 360 degree images for Facebook? You doubt is genuine because this is latest feature which is added in technology. Don’t be much panic about how to take 360 degree picture because here I am going to provide you step by step guide to create 360 degree images with high quality.


Sounds good! If you want to click 360 degree images of your place and upload it on Facebook, firstly you need an android smartphone or iPhone. Unfortunately you can’t take 360 degree images with your normal camera.

How to capture 360 photos?

how to capture 360 degree picture

Wait, I am not telling you to buy an expensive DSLR or any other advance panorama camera. You can take a 360 degree photo with your smartphone itself, for this only you need an application which support 360 degree picture creation. There is few latest camera applications available for both android as well as iOS smartphones.

Cardboard camera application is an example of 360 degree camera app. Cardboard camera is developed by Google team itself available on Google Play Store which can take 360 degree photos for Facebook and other social media. Cardboard viewer especially need you to watch it. My recommendation is to install both android app because it help you to crosscheck any error in you photo.

Best 360 Degree Camera App for Android 

Panorama: 360 by TeliportMe

360 is the best panorama camera app letting you create 360 degree PRO quality panoramas for FREE instantly. We have built the worlds largest online community of over 4 Million users focused on capturing and sharing panoramas/photo spheres.


Sphere – 360 Camera:

View beautiful, immersive spheres from around the world. Publish your own via* A clean sweep at DEMO 2012, winning the People’s Choice and DEMO God awards!* Swept the awards at The Travel Innovation Summit @ The PhoCusWright Conference, 2012* See what CNN, TNW, Mashable, Travel Weekly, the LA Times and WIRED are all talking about Immerse yourself in 360º experiences.


Photo 360° by Sfera:

Photo 360° is the first application on Google Play which lets users take fantastic 360° panoramic photos without taking multiple pictures or any other difficult manipulation. Record the environment around you and capture both the image and sound all in one revolution.

Google Camera:

Google Camera snaps quick and easy photos and videos, and has creative picture modes like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama.Features. Stitch together panorama, wide angle, and fisheye photos. Lens Blur for SLR-like photos with shallow depth of field. Photo Sphere for immersive 360º views.