Book Jio Phone Online- I can see that, people are very happy after July 21, 2017, because Reliance Jio has announced a good news for all Indians.

Do you have any idea- What I am talking about?

Yes!… Your guess is correct, here I am talking about Jio Phone. After that announcement, lots of question came into the trend; How To Book Jio Phone, How To Order Jio Mobile, How To Buy Jio Mobile etc…

This paragraph for those people who are not much involved in JioPhone, here are some important details about Book Jio 4G Mobile Phone

On the occasion of 40th Anual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance, the chairmen of the company made the biggest announcement that could shock you. Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani has announced the Jio 4G VoLTE mobile phone that could be affordable for every Indian.

NOTE–>> Don’t miss to read our special tricks on How To Do Confirm Booking of Jio Phone in First Attempt.

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Book Jio Phone Details: Everything You Need To Know

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Experts predict that Jio Phone will surely bring India to a new level in terms of digitalization and we have already seen the vast exposure after launching the Jio SIM. Jio SIM set a new record globally in terms of data usage.

As per a report- India became the largest data consuming country in 2016 and almost 17,000 Cr. GB of data was consumed by users. The sole credit goes to Free Jio SIM. YES!… Jio SIM brought a drastic change in the country and we are expecting one level up with JioPhone. Now people are looking for buying Jio Mobile Rs 1500 but they don’t know how to book jio mobile 4g free.

Even other telecom networks also degrade their data charges just because of Jio SIM. Earlier 4G data was costing around ₹600-₹800 per GB but Jio was providing free 4G data for more than 9 months. Now, other networks like AirTel, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Idea etc… decreased their data charges by 70% and one can get for just ₹150-₹250 per GB.

Buy Jio Phone: Price & Booking Charges

A normal 4G smartphone ranges from ₹4000 but you can’t believe the price of Jio 4G Phone. Yes!…

Yes!… I was also shocked after listening to the Jio Phone Price…

The Jio 4G Mobile is available for FREE… Yes!… Jio Phone is completely free for Indian customers.

But, you know… Nobody cares about free stuff and for that reason, you need to pay Rs.1500 at the time of Jio Phone Booking and this amount is completely refunded after three years.

Jio Phone Rs. 1500 need a small security deposit which you can get back after three years. If you want to book jio 4g mobile free then you need to read the entire guide because Jio Phone interest registration has been started from last week.

Book Jio Mobile Phone 4G Rs. 1500 Free

As I have mentioned that, Jio 4G Mobile is completely free for all Indian but you need to deposit Rs. 1500 as security amount. This security amount will be needed at the time of Jio 4G Mobile Phone Booking but you need to pay extra GST on this amount and GST is non-refundable.

The Booking of Jio 4G VoLTE Phone is starting from August 24, 2017, means just 9 days after the 70th Independence of India with a hope that, our country become digital after this step. So, are you ready to buy Jio Phone free (Rs 1500) online?

If yes, then you need to read this paragraph carefully in order to book jio free phone Rs. 1500.

How To Book Jio Phone Free Online

Booking Jio Phone is easy but you can’t do it simply. You may think, what the hell I am talking about but believe me, this is the truth. Have you ever tried booking Redmi or Mi phones?

If not then just take another example- Have you ever booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC? The same situation gonna happen at the moment you will order jio phone on 24th August 2017.

But…! Here are some tricks that you can use while booking jio phone 4g online on 24th August 2017.

Some Important Tips To Book Free Jio Phone on August 24, 2017

Here are some important tips on how to book jio 4g mobile free in the first attempt-

Tip: 1- Always Use Windows/Linux/Mac PC-

The very first tip to book jio mobile free on 24th August 2017 is, always use a computer to book jio phone. Your phone is not as much as effective as your computer.

Tip: 2- Use My Jio App on Mobile-

If you don’t have a computer at your home, you can book jio phone through My Jio App. But make sure that, you already login into My Jio App with a Jio SIM. You must have a Jio SIM in order to use My Jio App.

Tip: 3- Refresh your PC five minutes before the Jio Phone booking timing

Sometimes a computer gets stuck or web browser does not respond properly, so make sure that you have refreshed your PC five minutes before booking timing of Jio 4G Mobile Phone. You can clear the PC temporary files to boost your PC performance.

Press Windows Key+R and type %temp% and then select all (press Ctrl+A) temporary file and press the delete button.

Tip: 4- Clear Recycle Bin Folder

If you have nothing important in Recycle Bin folder, please clear it. I recommend you to download CCleaner Software to do this job effectively.

Tip: 5- Clear Web Browser Cache and Cookies

If you want 100% success rate in Jio Mobile Booking, please clear your web browser data and then try opening the official website of Jio Phone

Tip: 6- Take Debit/Credit Card Along With You

Still, this is not confirmed that you need to pay Rs 1500 online or at the time of Jio Phone delivery but we recommend you to keep your debit or credit card along with you to make online payment for order jio phone Rs 1500. Why should we take a chance?

Tip: 7- Complete Auto-Fill form in your web browser

You’ll get an option of Auto-Fill, we recommend you to please enter all details like Email ID, Phone Number, Address, Pin Code etc… in order to fast forward of jio phone booking free 4g phone.

Jio Phone Features and Specification

When we talk about the feature and specification of free jio 4g phone then let me remind you- Jio phone is completely free and you can’t get any better deal with other smartphone manufacturers.

Name Jio Phone
Manufacturing Company Reliance Jio
Network Type 4G VoLTE
Keypad Alphanumeric Keypad
Display Type QVGA Display
Display Size 2.4 inch
Display Resolution 320×240
Internal Storage 4GB
Camera 2MP Rear Camera
Battery 2000mAh Li-ion
Free Voice Calling YES
Unlimited Data YES
Torch Light YES
Bluetooth YES
Speech Recognition YES
Voice Command YES
My Jio App YES (Pre-installed)
Jio Cinema YES (Pre-installed)
Jio TV YES (Pre-installed)


Network 4G (High-Speed Internet)




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