How To Block a Website on Google Chrome

We all know that Google is biggest search engine all over the world but many another project also very popular by Google. Google Chrome is one of best example out of them. Chrome is loaded with lots of functionality, and its regular updates add the latest feature in it.

Many times we need to block some offensive websites in Google Chrome. There might be many reasons like we don’t want our children to access those sites, or sometimes we want something private. So, in that case, people usually search for how to block a website in Chrome. So here is the guide.

How To Block A Website In Google Chrome

There are lots of ways to block a particular/multiple websites in Google Chrome, but initially, I’ll start from easiest method.

Block A Website on ChromeMethod #1- Block a website in Google Chrome via Blockit Chrome extension

The easiest way to block a site in Chrome is by installing the Blockit extension. The name of this extension tells it’s functionality. Below are steps to block a particular site in Google Chrome via Blockit Chrome extension-

Step #1-

Open Google Chrome browser on your PC and go to settings options.

Step #2-

Now scroll down and click on get chrome extension and search for Blockit.

Step #3-

Many results will be displayed on your PC screen, click on ‘Add To Chrome’ on Blockit Extension.

Step #4-

A new download file will open in the background. This file contains CRX file of Blockit Chrome extension.

Step #5-

Wait for few seconds, and you will get a new pop-up as the extension added to your Chrome browser.

Step #6-

Now again go to the extension manager and choose Blockit and click on the options button.

Step #7-

You will be redirected to a new window, and it will ask for a password.

Step #8-

Enter your password or leave it blank if you’re using it for the first time. Click on Login button.

Step #9-

In a new tab, you need to enter all those websites which you want to block in Google Chrome.

Step #10-

Click on save and verify it by entering those URL. You will see, all those URL’s couldn’t open in Google Chrome browser.

Note: You can create a new password by visiting options menu.

Method #2- How to block a website in Google Chrome via URL blocking software

If you’re not interested in installing any Chrome extension to block a website in your browser, then the second option is, install software on your PC. There is two famous website blocking software available for windows. First one is HT Employees Monitor and the second one is HT Parental Control.

Download EXE File

Here are step-by-step guide to block an URL via HT Employees Monitor and HT Parental Control-

Step #1-

Download both software from the link given below and double click on the Exe file to begin the installation.

Step #2-

Once installation finish, go to software and click on block URL option.

Step #3-

Click on the Add button near the Banned websites.

Step #4-

Enter the Keywords or URL’s Which you want to block.

Step #5-

Not click on Apply button.

That’s it… All Websites and Keywords Which you entered in the list are blocked.

Method #3- Block Websites Using Google Chrome Feature Itself

If you don’t want to install any third party software or extension, then you can block any URL from the inbuilt feature of Chrome browser itself. Below are steps to block website using Google Chrome Feature-

Step #1-

Open Google Chrome browser and go to Setting.

Step #2-

Explore to Advance setting and look for Change Proxy Setting Button.

Step #3-

Click on the restricted sites from the Security tab followed by Sites.

Step #4-

Now enter the list of URLs which you want to block in Google Chrome.

Step #5-

Click on the close tab and exit from the control panel.

All sites which you added in the list are blocked from accessing. You can delete the URLs which you want to access in future by following same steps.


All steps are clearly defined but in case you facing any problems in blocking websites in Google Chrome then feel free to ask your problem in the comment box below. But as far as I feel, you will not face any trouble from blocking URLs in your browser.