8 Things You Should Know About BHIM “Digital Payment” App

What is the first thought came to your mind after listening to the word “BHIM.” Mahabharata? Yes… I knew it because I have the capability to read your mind :p (kidding) but after reading this article, black money holders have no other way to take himself out of trouble. And YES… believe me, this time I am not kidding.
Our prime minister has launched a brand new app called BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) which will help in a dream come true of Digital India. The name BHIM is taken after the name of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar as PM said.

The government had taken extraordinary steps against black money, and demonetization is the biggest example in front of you. No doubt, this is the truth of life, when you will take some big step ahead, there are hundreds of people available to criticize you. And we should be thankful to our prime minister for that because he is taking every single step against corruptions and black money. BHIM is one of the best tools to make online payments. You will get all banks transfer at the single platform.

Highlights of BHIM App

bhim app
#1- Transfer money from any bank to any bank with just a phone number:

BHIM app allows you the smooth transaction, for make payment or receiving payment, and you only need to mobile number which is registered with your bank account. This a great step towards Digital India because easy transaction method will help Non-Techie People living in remote areas.

Sending or receiving money is on your fingertip, just open the app, choose Send Money option and enter the mobile number of the payee with an amount. Just tap on send button that’s it. The amount will be debited from your account and credited to the recipient account.

#2- Scan QR Code for a transaction:

This option will make the transaction easier than ever, just generate the QR code from BHIM app and scan it to send payments. You don’t even need to enter mobile number also.

#3-  Coming Soon for iOS Devices:

BHIM app is now available on Google Play store for Android devices, but developers are working on the project for iOS. BHIM app will available soon for iPhone/iPad/iPod users.

#4- Smartphone is Not Necessary- Just Dial *99#:

Even you do not need to have a smartphone for money transaction, simply dial *99# from any device and money transfer pop-up will appear on the device screen. Now choose the different option by submitting option number from the menu. You can send/receive money, Check balance and See transaction history.

#5-  Per transaction limit is 10,000, and total transaction limit is 20,000 per day:

There is a limit on transferring money, and you can send up to INR 10,000 on each transaction and INR 20,000 per day. It means you can do transaction up to 20,000 per day. I think this is far enough for a day.

#6- All UPI Connected banks work with BHIM:

The BHIM will support all those banks which are associated with UPI (United Payments Interface).It includes all major Indian banks including SBI, ICICI, Axis, and HDFC. Even banks not connected to UPI can receive money through BHIM through IFSC, an 11-digit code assigned to every bank branch by the Reserve Bank of India.

#7- Load Money To Wallet:

You can load money to BHIM wallet and make any purchase from anywhere. With BHIM and all UPI apps, you can directly connect your phone number to your bank account – like a debit card. Payments are happening directly from and to bank accounts, so merchants don’t have to worry about transferring wallet earnings to the bank either.

#8- Shopkeepers can take payment with Aadhaar Card:

Making payments is much easier than before. If the customer has linked his Aadhaar Card, then he/she can pay bills. For that Shopkeeper needs to download an official app and INR 2000 fingerprint scanner. Just connect your fingerprint reader with your Android device (even basic Android smartphone works) and start taking payments from the customer.

Note: The Indian Government has started free distribution of Fingerprint readers for Aadhaar Payments Pilot Project across the country.


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