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Do you remember your childhood memories when you always looking for new toys? Do you remember the level of curiosity when your Dad brings a new toy for you? Those moments was awesome. When it came to birthday gifts at that age we always looks to open the wrapped gifts like crazy.

When I was a child, remote controlled stuff was most attractive and interesting things for me. I always curious to know the mechanism behind that. It was magic at that time. Usually I try to bring two different magnets in contact. Sometimes it attract it and sometime repeal. I always think that why this happen? Later on I asked it with my grandfather and he explained the mechanism but…Obviously it was a bouncer at that time. I shook my head but actually didn’t get anything about magnetic forces and all.

Remote controlled vehicles and drones was always favorite of mine. I had huge collection of remote controlled toys, still when I get free time, I love to spend in those collections. I think you were also addicted to those remote controlled toys.

Now it’s time of your son to enjoy his moment. Is he fond of remote controlled toys? Why don’t you present a good remote controlled drones or cars on his birthday? He will love it like crazy.

Today I am going to present you the list of top 5 remote controlled vehicles that you can use as the birthday gift for your son. Just move forward with this article.

Best Remote Controlled Cars

#1: Toys Bhoomi Super-Fast Shock Absorbing 5-Wheeled 6CH 2-sided Extreme High Speed Tumbling RC Stunt Race Car:

best remote controlled toys

Stunt cars always favorite of child’s and this Super-fast shock absorbing high speed remote controlled stunt car has amazing aesthetic design. Introducing the Fastest RC Tumbling Stunt Car in the world! 100% Brand new and extremely fast! Speeds can reach up to 30km/hr.

This remote control rear wheel RC Stunt Car uses widening design, rubber track, and friction large, strong grip. Super-bright Led lights design makes this Stunt car super fun to play with. 2-sided mini speed car with lights so you can play at night as well. High quality and reliable, make the coolest stunts with this 2-sided stunt car durable for indoor and outdoor play. The product can be played in different terrain driving, the rear-wheel drive can be inverted with multi-angle effect, impact resistance, anti-wheels with shock absorbing bars, super performance. Forward/Backward, Left/Right/Tumbling Flip Action/Drift /Crash-worthiness/Cross country/Deformation. Requires 4 hours charging.


#2: Happy Kids Remote Controlled Open-Door Lamborghini Lp670:

top rated remote controlled toys

This Officially Licensed 1:14 Scale Model Lamborghini Lp670 Open-Door Car With Gravity Induction Dangling Remote Is A Fantasy Among Kids, Adults And Collectors. It Comes With A Fully Functional Four Channel Remote Control With Forward, Backward, Left And Right Controls. The Controller Has Two Operating Modes 1. Gravity Induction (Dangling Remote Control) 2. Hand Operation. Other Features Include Functional Head Lights And Open-Doors. Very Easy To Control. Ready To Run Recommended: For 6+ Years Age. Battery Information: Car – 5xaa Nicd Rechargeable Batteries (Included), Remote – 1x9v Battery (Included). Contents: 1 Rc Car, 1 Transmitter, 1 Instruction Manual, 1 Dedicated Antenna, 1x9v Battery, 5xaa Ni-cd Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Charger.

Best Remote Controlled Drones in 2016

#3: Silverlit Hover Dragon:

remote controlled helicopters

Soaring through the skies, it’s a bird, it’s a jet, it’s the Hover Dragon Helicopter from Silverlit. Ideal for young boys above the age of 10 years, this helicopter would make the best gift as it includes cool and innovative features as well as a sleek and safe design.

Built-in Auto Hovering

With the hover button on the side of the controller, the helicopter uses the hovering system making the user only focus on directional control without the worry of the speed throttle.

3 Channel Control

The 3 channel control comes with super wide infrared and can control the up or down, forward or backward and left or right motions of the helicopter.

Switch between Manual Mode and Auto Hovering Mode.

Using the remote, you can switch from full manual mode to auto hovering mode, so that you can choose to have full or partial control over the helicopter’s movements.


#4: Toyhouse 360 Degree Flip Quad Helicopter:

remote controlled drowns

Toyhouse Quad Copter The perfect helicopter toy to gift your little boy, the Quad Copter from Toyhouse features four rotators, giving it an extra-cool appearance and proper stability.

The 2.4 GHz frequency remote control ensures better control of the toy helicopters.

The remote control uses spread spectrum technology for achieving far remote distances, has the best anti interference ability, and consumes minimal power.

Also, this remote control achieves 100 times faster reaction speed than other radio control.

The Toyhouse quad copter features the 3-axis gyro flying system which helps to stabilize better in mid-air, thus resulting in a stable and easily adjustable flight.

Better stabilization also helps to avoid crash landings and unnecessary veering to the left or right.

Your little boy will thoroughly enjoy this toy as it performs wonderful stunts, including 360 degree rolls.

The quad copter comes with a built-in Lithium Polymer battery with a charging time of about an hour.

The battery is chargeable only via USB. One charge gives 6 to 8 minutes of flying time. The remote control is powered with the help of 4 AA batteries.


Best Remote Controlled Bike for Kids

#5: Adraxx Powerful Super Bike Toy With Remote Control:

remote controlled bikes

This large realistic super bike model stands out for its looks and performance. The toy comes with rechargeable 9.6v batteries and charger for extra power. The remote requires additional 3×1.5 v AA batteries for operation.



All these Remote Controlled toys/drones are awesome and you can use this on birthday of your son. You can easily find these RC drones and vehicles on FlipKart. Thanks for reading this article and if you have any query about it, you can simply leave a comment below. I will try to come with best answers.




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