7 Best Proxy/VPN sites to Unlock Facebook Restriction

Can you even imagine to stay without Facebook for one month? If your answer is YES! Then you are either a liar or an extraordinary person who came from Mars. Wait I am not insulting you but this is the truth. How can someone imagine to stop doing a task for one month who perform it on daily routine? Whenever we get five or ten minutes, we open our Facebook wall and look for the new update.

What will you do when your Internet Service Provider blocks Facebook from accessing? Either you will change your ISP or just look for alternatives to access your blocked Facebook accountOkay!! What you will do when your college authority put the restriction on accessing Facebook, nothing because you can’t fight with them.

You might be thinking, why I am telling this… There is a real story behind this… Same problem I was facing during my college life. Facebook and YouTube were blocked by college authority. Okay, I can assume that college blocked Facebook just because to save the time of students but still don’t understand, why YouTube was blocked?

YouTube has everything that we need in engineering journey but that source was also not available. Now you are thinking about what was logic behind this to block that source which needed on daily basis. I’m using NordVPN to encrypt my data from online leakage.

Now we had two options…

Either we need to use own data packs or do some experiments with college Wi-Fi. Being an engineer the second option was more suitable… So we played with that and we get succeed to access Facebook.

They were blocked URL from firewall but also did one mistake… The blocked URL was https://www.facebook.com but once we open as http://www.facebook.com it opens. So we enjoyed for almost two months but few days after this methods was also blocked by them.

Again we have to look for some alternatives to open Facebook. Next methods were proxy apps that could help us. Firstly we went with FreeGate proxy app which one of my senior was using for long. But the main issue with FreeGate proxy app was, it slows down the internet speed in few Kbps.


Again they blocked this method as well. So I tried HotSpot Shield VPN to access but was blocked as well.

I didn’t stop experimenting (It was in blood and profession was same, so how can someone stop this  ). So today I decided to bring those methods or proxy apps that I had tried to unblock Facebook during my college journey.

7 Best Proxy VPN to Unlock Facebook Restriction
7 Best Proxy VPN to Unlock Facebook Restriction

Top Proxy/VPN sites to unblock Facebook restriction

So here I am going to listing out these Proxy/VPN sites that I used to unlock Facebook. The very first proxy app to unlock Facebook restriction was NordVPN.

#1- NordVPN:

NordVPN is best and fast VPN app available on all major platform. You can unblock Facebook URL with total VPN (Virtual Private Network). One of the great advantages of this proxy app is, it’s available on free of cost with fast internet speed. You will get three locations with a free account which is enough to unblock any blocked website.

I personally found this VPN is very fast and great encryption security. We were using NordVPN from last three months and after 10 days of trial, I upgraded with the premium account just because of it fast internet speed and high security. I have posted an article about NordVPN review as well where you can get all details about NordVPN features.

#2- ZenMate:

ZenMate was the first Proxy app available for Free. It was not easy that much because all proxies sites and a downloading option was blocked. So first I connected my laptop with Data Pack and logged in Google Chrome. After that, I went to extension section and clicked on getting a new extension. I looked for ZenMate and downloaded its CRX file and installed in Chrome browser.

Now I had Chrome extension of ZenMate proxy app on my account. Now I had the freedom to access those all extensions which were saved in my account.

Whenever I need to access any of blocked sites even YouTube as well, I log in in Google Chrome and sign in with my account. Once an account gets signed in, it automatically restores those extensions which were available in my account. So I was free to browse any site anonymously.

#3- InstantUnblock:

Instant unblock facebook

The second most popular proxy site to unblock Facebook is InstantUnblock. This proxy website is available for free of cost which enables you to bypass restriction of Facebook on your browser. Not only Facebook, even you can unblock any website around the globe with this best free proxy site. Another great advantage of this proxy website is, it’s easy to usable. Just put any of URL that you want to unblock and click on Unblock website option. Your restricted website will be unblocked within a fraction of seconds.

#4- ProxyBoost:

ProxyBoost unblock facebook

ProxyBoost is one of best proxy sites for Facebook, popularly known as American Proxy, has amazing popularity which allows their users to access any blocked websites anonymously. This proxy site has a simple interface with easy to use steps. You only need to visit the homepage of ProxyBoost and enter URL that you want to unblock. Next click the ‘surf now’ button and it will take you to the Facebook website page.

#5- Hola VPN:

Hola is another great free proxy app that allows you to surf anonymously. You can download chrome extension of HolaVPN on your browser and access any website you want to open. You will get many locations in Hola where you can transfer your browser IP address.

#6- 4EverProxy:

One of the most efficient and widely used Facebook proxy I found on this page. 4EverProxy is extremely popular among Facebook users. All you need to do is simply visit the website and write the website address on Facebook and it will unblock the restricted access and enjoy browsing Facebook. Not only does it unrestricted Facebook it also allows you to use the website cookies free and scripts free.

#7- HideMyAss:

HideMyAss unlock facebook

HideMyAss is extremely popular proxy server among internet marketers and bloggers that I would like to introduce. This is the best proxy for Facebook as well that help you in case you are restricted to using Facebook. You can download HideMyAss VPN on your machine to unblock any website that you want to access from any location. My second recommendation is the HideMyAss proxy app that can short out your issue.

HideMyAss is an excellent VPN which provides high-level security. This VPN is extremely fast and provides the best experience for streaming movies on Netflix, Kodi, Terrarium TV and Showbox. I’m using this VPN on my firestick to solve openload.co/pair stream authorization error on my Kodi 17.6.


When I was in college, I also looking for the top free proxy app for Facebook that can open restricted Facebook URL. So these are top VPN or proxy apps that I used to open Facebook. You can also try these best VPN apps for Facebook if your Internet Service Provider blocked the access. I hope you liked this post on best proxy sites for Facebook. Do me one favor please send your feedback as well in the comment box by which we can improve our services to the best level. Thanks for reading this article…Hit Share Button Now..

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