5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2017 (Review)
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Impact drivers are an essential tool that must need in our toolbox because anytime we require drilling walls, roof, wood etc. If you need an impact driver very frequently then I must recommend you to get a best cordless impact driver at your home.

The cordless impact drivers is an ultimate choice because it makes your task easy and not to worry about extension wire or circuit board. Getting a best cordless impact driver for heavy use is tough because an impact driver must generate enough torque to job to be done, but today I’ll help you in picking the best product for you. All these products have outstanding feedback from customers and I personally tested many out of them.

Best Cordless Impact Driver in 2017

The technology being advanced day by day and the sole credit goes to our respectable engineers, designers, and scientists. Cordless drills and impact drivers are one best invention that could make the drilling process movable. Here are top picks that generate enormous torque and comfortable also-

#1- MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL (BRUSHLESS 2653-22) [Our Top Pick]

Best cordless impact driver 1

A best impact driver characteristics are, that generates enormous torque at the tip of drill and that too with vibration free. Handling and working with an impact drill must be easy and comfortable. Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2653-22 is designed by keeping everything in mind. It generates huge torque at the tip and handling this is also very easy and comfortable. Workers quote that, this product is their favorite and they can work for hours without any fatigue to their hand.

From security aspects, this impact driver is very safe because lots of security majors are considered in designing. There is a built-in LED fuel gauge that allows the user to keep track of how much energy is left and how many hours it can be operated.

  • 1600inch/pound torque generating capacity.
  • Generates enormous torque.
  • Fatigue-free comfortable design.
  • Excellent fuel economy.
  • Specially designed for the Milwaukee 18V Battery.
  • Nothing else observed.

#2- DeWalt DCF899P1 Cordless Impact Driver

Best cordless impact driver 2

DeWalt is a highly popular and trustable brand in machine tools. DeWalt DCF899P1 is an excellent product launched that is known for its quality performance. This impact driver is designed for three different speed variation to adjust according to need. The speed of rotation is 400, 1200, and 1900 revolution per minute (RPM). To adjust these speed, a control system is installed at the handle of this tool. It allows you to use three-speed variation when you can’t see what action you’re performing.

The long-lasting battery of this cordless impact drivers makes highly popular and conventional. When it requires only- screwing, unscrewing, drilling and reverse drilling then DeWalt DCF899P1 cordless impact driver can perform for 12-13 hours without any battery drainage.

  •  Longer battery life.
  • Speed adjustment system (400RPM, 1200RPM, 1900RPM).
  • Top rated product in USA.
  • Bit costly but money worth.

#3- Ryobi Impact Driver-

Best cordless impact driver 3

Ryobi tools have gained immense popularity in the USA market by its quality products. It has become the highly trusted and highly rated for best quality delivery. Ryobi Impact Driver has got a great design for quick and comfortable drilling which generate huge torque at the tip so that a worker can screw, unscrew and drill anywhere without any fatigue on hand.

The torque generation capacity is 1600 in. lbs along with 3200 RPM of rotational speed. 18V Li-Ion battery makes it lighter and provides enough power that can last up to 13-15 hours without any trouble. Only 60 to 65 minutes is enough for the dual chemistry charger to charge the battery of Ryobi Cordless Impact Driver.

It is over 33% faster and more powerful than the other cordless impact drivers and incorporates Tri-Beam LED lights to eliminate shadows on bits and fasteners in the darkest work areas.

  • Fast and powerful.
  • 3200 RPM rotational speed.
  • 1600 inch. lbs torque generation capacity.
  • Dual Chemistry Charger.
  • Light and compact.
  • Bit larger in size.
  • Nothing else.

#4- Hitachi WH18DBDL Impact Driver-

Best cordless impact driver 4

There are only a few engineers left who don’t know about Hitachi. Almost, 99.95% Engineers trust on this brand and WH18DBDL is an excellent model by Hitachi. This is the best brushless impact driver to screw and drill. Hitachi WH18DBDL Impact Driver is highly durable and highly recommended for heavy-duty operations. If you have tight budget up to $250 to $300 then my strong recommendation for this cordless impact driver in 2017.

  • Powerful and heavy-duty operations.
  • Digital Control Panel.
  • Dual Battery.
  • Price is bit high.
  • Nothing else.

#5- BOSCH IDH182-02L 18-volt Brushless Impact Driver

Best cordless impact driver 5

After HITACHI, BOSCH is the highly popular brand of machine tools and this BOSCH IDH182-02L 18-volt Brushless Impact Driver is an excellent manufacturing from this brand. The excellent battery performance is well known among many workers and it’s ergonomic and aesthetic designs falls workers love working. No fatigue on hand can be felt by workers ever after drilling and screwing for 5-6 hours continuously. This shall be an excellent cordless impact driver under $150.

  • Ergonomic and lighter design.
  • Powerful battery performance.
  • No digital control panel like Hitachi Impact Driver.
  • Nothing else.


We have listed 5 best cordless impact drivers under $300. If you have a tight budget then I recommend you to buy Hitachi WH18DBDL Impact Driver because it has got the most powerful battery with excellent driving torque for drilling and screwing. If you have less budget then go with MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL Brushless Impact Driver because this one is most powerful and top-rated cordless impact drivers in 2017.