{TOP #7} Most Secured App Lockers for Android in 2017

Android is undoubtedly most popular operating system for mobile phones and packed with outstanding features. Its features and easy to use interface are the most important reason which makes it number one operating system for mobile devices in very short time interval.

But still there are many drawback of android phones in terms of security and encryption. Wait I am not telling you that you’re basic phone is not secured but when we look at file encryption then android lags in these situation.

You might have seen that, in other devices like Java phones and Symbian, there is option to file lock, media lock, message lock, call log lock but in android nowhere you find. If you want to secure all these data then you have look for third party app lockers for androids. There are many app lockers available for android devices that can hide your private files and folders but main matter is, how’s security level? Isn’t true?

Here in this article, I am going to provide a list of 10 best app lockers for android smartphone that provides high level of security encryption of your files and folder. So keep going with this article if you want to download best app lockers for android smartphone.

7 Best App Lockers For Android in 2016

So here are all those most secure app lockers that can protect all your private stuff from wrong hand.

#1- App Lock: Best App Locker For Android:

app-lockApp lock is one of most popular app locker for android having 100 millions of download over play store. The name “App Lock” itself tells, it provides easy way to lock any private folder or applications. App lock comes in 28 different language, proving facility to lock SMS, Gmail, Gallery, Settings and even Calls app along with the other installed apps.

Only locking is not a single feature of this awesome app locker but it also provide you freedom to hide any private pictures and videos in your device. I personally using app lock, app locker on my android smartphone for encryption purpose.

Simply go to play store and search for “App Lock” and install the first result from above. Once this app locker is installed on your device, open it from app menu and it will ask to set passcode with a recovery email address. Email ID is necessary in case you forgot your passcode, new passcode will be sent to that recovery email address.

The easy to use interface and high level of security is the reason to get maximum hits on Google play store. The great work of DoMobile Lab developers are really appreciable. You should be thankful to the team. This app locker is support on android version 4.0.3 (Ice-cream Sandwich) and above.


#2- Advanced Protection:

app-lockAdvance protection is another most secured app locker for android, developed by same developers of APP LOCK i.e. DoMobile Labs. As the name itself suggests that, it has extra loaded security feature than app lock. Before using this, App lock must be installed in your android device then only you can use this app locker.

The main feature of Advanced Protection is that when it gets activated, nobody can kill or uninstall App Lock without password. This makes your personal data more secured than ever. But still you have to enable advance protection mode after installation process. The best part is, this app locker is compatible with android 2.2 gingerbread and above.


#3- Smart App Lock:

Smart App LockSmart App Lock is another great app locker for android which protect your personal data from public use. You will get an option to either lock your desired app with PIN as well as pattern. One of great feature of Smart App Lock is, it captures photo of the person who tried many times with wrong entry, and later on you can see the image of that person who tied multiple failed log in. Even it will send that picture to registered email ID as well which you have entered at the time of setup.

Moreover, it can be customized to show a fake Forced close popup instead of lock screen, such that the person using your phone will get an impression that the app has crashed and won’t be able to know that the app is locked.

If you are carrying an android device which are running on Android 4.0.3 or above then you can easily download it from Google Play Store. For any fraud, make sure that you are downloading Smart App Lock from SpSoft developers.


#4- Apps Lock & Gallery Hider:

Apps Lock and Gallery HiderApps Lock & Gallery Hider, name itself suggest that, it will give you freedom to lock any desired application, either Facebook App, WhatsApp, Dialer, Email, Messages etc. along with hiding facility of photos and videos.

One of the best feature of this app is to password protect Advanced apps such as Uninstall, Settings, Task manager, Force Stop, SD card, Incoming calls etc., thus providing a complete security solution for your android phone. Before installing this app locker to your android device, make sure that you are installing original app locker from Migital developers only and your device must running above android version of 2.3.


#5- LEO Privacy Guard:

LEO Privacy GuardIf you are looking for a trusted App locker for android device then I recommend you to go with LEO Privacy Guard only because, this is most trusted app available on Google Play Store by LeoMaster developers. Moreover, it has advance protection features and lots of other features that enables you to explore more and secure your data.

One of its feature is the ability to automatically lock or unlock the selected apps by desired time and location. So, you can configure the app to automatically unlock your mail client once you are at your office and lock it once your location changes.


#6- App Lock (Pattern):

App Lock (Pattern)App Lock (Pattern) is yet another app locker for android with very simple and easy interface. It can perform all other functions that an app lockers for android does like, locking messages. Contacts, emails, dialer, WhatsApp, Facebook, browsers etc. But apart from everything, one of the special feature of this app is that it can sound an alarm if someone tries to access your locked apps forcefully.


#7- App Lock By Useful Apps:

App Lock by useful appsThe outstanding logo of this app locker attracted me to install it on my device but once I started using this app locker, I forgotten to install any other app locker app in my android device. App Lock is one of the best apps in the list. Just like any other app locker app, App Lock can lock your applications using either PIN or lock pattern. The app provides a very fast and easy method to enable or disable the lock service.

Switching between text passwords lock modes to lock pattern mode is also very easy and rapid. Users need to specify security question and their answers after installation, which can be used to reset the pass-code, in case the user forgets it. This app locker required minimum of Android 4.0 or above version.


Similar like you, I was also looking for a best app locker for android that can protect my personal data from public use and tried many apps in last one year but these are the best app lockers for android I ever experienced. If you want advance level of security, you can install nay of these app locker over your android device and start protecting it from others.

I wanted to know your reviews about these best app lockers for android, start using it from now and share your views in comment box so that I can provide best to ReviewsPub readers. Thanks for visiting here and don’t forget to share it with your friends over social media. Keep Visiting Here!!