(Top 10) Best Android Emulators for PC Windows 7/8/10/XP

I have seen that many people are running Android Games and other utility android apps on their computer or PC. Best example is TV applications like HotStar, Vidmate App, SNAGFilms etc. All those android application is running on Android Emulators. The most popular android emulator right now is BlueStacks. But have you ever think about other android emulators than BlueStacks?

When BlueStacks was launched, there was no competitors in market. But in today’s scenario, there are many other android emulators for PC already available so let me show you features of all those android emulators then you can decide which one is the best.


So here in this article I am going to list out best lightweight android emulators of 2019. All these android emulators can run all android games on your PC without any trouble. Even it enables you to fulfill maximum of those functionality that your android smartphone can fulfill.

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Another great feature of these android emulators is, all these are available on open source, and it means you do not need to pay single penny for these emulators for android. There are many android emulators for PC available on internet but the biggest problems is of its overweight. Overweight android emulators will slow down your system speed, sometimes even leads to hang as well.

I had also tried many android emulators in 2019 and here I have filtered those top 10 best android emulators that will kill the speed of your system and you can enjoy your work without any difficulty.

Top 10 Lightweight Android Emulators for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Mac

#1 BlueStacks – Best Android Emulator for Windows & Mac

BlueStacks - Best Android Emulator for Windows & Mac
BlueStacks – Best Android Emulator for Windows & Mac

BlueStacks Android Emulator is still best android emulator for windows OS. It emulates android on PC without any difficulty. I am pretty sure that you are well aware about this best android emulator on your windows PC. It’s easy to use interface makes it more popular and maintain it always above in competition of best android emulators of all time.

Installation process of Bluestacks Android app player is easier than others, even a 5 years boy can install it without any difficulty. BlueStacks supports almost 98% android games and apps of play store. BlueStacks android emulator serve you all apps and games of play store that you want to run on PC.

#2 Andyroid Android Emulator

Andyroid Android Emulator
Andyroid Android Emulator

Because of huge popularity of Android OS, games developers and other apps developers are highly concentrated in Android applications. But the problem is, some applications need high end devices like 3 or 4GB RAM to play smoothly. If you will go with 4GB RAM Android phones, it will cost you at least INR 25K-30K. Because of such issue, people are moving towards alternatives.

With the help of Android emulators they can run any android games and apps on PC smoothly. Andyroid is best example of Android Emulator. It can run almost all android games and applications without any difficulty. Andyroid has ability to play all apk files on pc. Apart from it, Andyroid is best android emulator that provides unlimited storage capacity.

Andyroid emulator is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Apart from it, you can use your smartphone as remote control while playing any game on this android emulator. It can run all messaging apps from your desktop or laptop include WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Viber etc. It provide the seamless transition of apps from your computer to android device wireless. Sean Murphy is the chief executive officer of this android emulator.

Top BlueStacks Alternatives

#1 GenyMotion – Best Alternative of Bluestacks

Genymotion Emulator
GenyMotion Emulator

GenyMotion is best alternative of BlueStacks android app player which emulate android on PC. GenyMotion runs faster than BlueStacks and offers more features. It means GenyMotion is best android emulator choice if you are looking for alternatives of BlueStacks.

It provides two additional features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration support. Its x86 Architecture makes it run faster. Such advanced functionalities and facilities makes it better than BlueStacks. Of course, it has little tough configuration process than Bluestacks. In short, GenyMotion would be the perfect substitute of BlueStacks android emulator.

#2 YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave Android Emulator
YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave is another great choice for you if you want to emulate android on PC (Especially for windows). This is latest android emulator but got huge popularity within short span of time, just because of its easy interface and additional features. YouWave is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP.

It supports Android 5.1 Lollipop on windows 7/8/8.1/10 with SD card functionality. It has also feature of multi-player gaming, dynamic rotating and volume control buttons. I will recommend you to try this android emulator on your windows PC.

#3 Official Emulator

Official emulator is developed by Android developers itself. It can emulate android on PC easily. If you are worrying about how to emulate android on PC with official android emulator then don’t worry, because Android developers itself included documented installation and configuration documentation that help you to get started easily.

#4 Visual Studio Emulator for Android

Visual Studio Emulator for Android
Visual Studio Emulator for Android

If you would like to try newly released best android emulator for pc, then Visual Studio by Microsoft is the best choice for you. Sometime people get confused with its title and believe that we need to install visual studio to get access of it. It’s not true, you don’t need to install visual studio to use this android emulator.

It’s having fast and powerful simulations feature. Its device profile makes you enable to target large and wide number of android hardware. You can install any apk via just drag and drop facility. It works best with Visual Studio. So download it and start deploying and using android apps in your pc.

#5 Manymo Android Emulator:

Manymo Android Emulator
Manymo Android Emulator

And finally, in last of but not least, Manymo is another great android emulator that emulate android on pc. It eliminates the tedious task of developers for testing apps by providing a facility to test their apps on different android versions without having those devices.

Manymo is a lightweight android emulator which runs at great speed. This is a premium android emulator but don’t worry, because they provides trail version of it as well. Even you do not need to fill your credit card details while downloading Manymo android emulator.

You can add real and usable android apps to the website. It can be done as easily as you upload the video on youtube. You can even develop the android app using Eclipse and other SDK tool. This tool is trusted by more than 100000 people and organizations and they have launched a million of Manymo emulators.

#6 AMIDuOS Android Emulator

AMIDuOS Emulator

When you are a big gamer and regularly​ playing Android games and some apps which requires wider screen size then please install AMIDuOS Android Emulator on your Windows PC. Well, this emulator is for paid version only and you need to pay a small amount according to your requirement.

AMIDuOS is compatible in two different versions- The first one is Android Jelly Beans and the second one is Android Lollipop.

The Android Jelly Beans version will cost you $10 while Android Lollipop will cost you $15. If your mostly​ Apk files supporting Android latest version Lollipop then I suggest you to go with $15 plan.

No doubt, you’ll get the quality Android Emulator in this price but also look at other free Android Emulators ​too.

#7 ARChon

Boom! Finally you have got something new. Yes, this is not a software that you need to install it on your Windows PC but it can directly emulates your Android Apk package in Google Chrome browser. If you love to play any Android game in Google Chrome browser then install this emulator on your device.

#8 BlueStacks 3

BlueStacks 3
BlueStacks 3

I know I already mentioned this name before but this is different from older one. BlueStacks 3 is a paid Android Emulator which enables ​you to play multiple games and apps in one interface. Yes, you can run as many apps you want in different tabs. If you want to test this, please go ahead.


These best lightweight android emulators are enough to emulate android on pc. I have shortlisted these emulators on basis of their speed and features. If you still not satisfied with these top android emulators of 2019 feel free to comment below. I’ll bring you some other best android emulator for you. If you like this post, please share it with your friends as well. Also comment any suggestions from your side.

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