A regular YouTuber deeply know about BB Ki Vines YouTube channel which is run by Bhuvan Bam. Do you really don’t know about him? It might be possible you don’t explore much on YouTube or Newspaper. If you know Bhuvan Bam, please do share this post and let him know, if don’t know about Bhuvan Bam, please read this article carefully.

About Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam is a well famous character in Indian Vloggers (rather say YouTubers), he gain his popularity after BB Ki Vines YouTube channel where he publishes funny and entertaining videos (mostly offensive so please make sure that you are not underage). On every video of BB Ki Vines, millions of hits comes. BB Ki Vines has got 1,940,309 channel subscriber from the whole world.

Bhuvan Bam has started his journey as Music Composer but got popularity after BB Ki Vines Episode, So if you haven’t watched his any of episodes, please watch them….

Wait… Wait….

Don’t go anywhere because here in this article I am going to provide top 10 most downloaded episode’s of BB Ki Vines by Bhuvan Bam. But, before that let me put some more information about Bhuvan Bam.

He is a 22-year-old kid from New Delhi who studied from Green Fields School and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. He got the opportunity to meet and perform in front of the great comedian Kapil Sharma. He carried out in TVF (The Viral Fever) and also jammed with Vaibhav Boondhu in a live Facebook session.

About BB Ki Vines YouTube Channel

The BB Ki Vines has got 1,940,309 subscribers on YouTube in very short time span, mostly young generation people are the fan of BB Ki Vines. It has got millions of views on each video but “Papa MaKiChuu.” is most famous out of them. It has got 10,235,917 views, but other episodes of BB Ki Vines are also fantastic and hilarious. You can download BB Ki Vines Videos from YouTube via Internet Download Manager. If you don’t know how to download BB Ki Vines Video, then follow this step.

First, visit BB Ki Vines Channel and click on video which you want to download, or simply copy the video link by right clicking.

Now go to this link and paste it, click on download button and pick your video quality. It will automatically save to your local drive.

10 Most Downloaded Episodes Of BB Ki Vines By Bhuvan Bam

Episode #1- Papa MaKiChu 

Episode #2- BB Ki Vines- | Angry Masterji

Episode #3- BB Ki Vines- | Examination Hutiyapa

Episode #4- BB Ki Vines- | Valentine’s Week Hutiyapa

Episode #5- BB Ki Vines- | Ek Teer Do Nishaane

Episode #6- BB Ki Vines- | Online Dating- Mr. Hola Returns

Episode #7- BB Ki Vines- | The Vibrator

Episode #8- BB Ki Vines- | Badass Santa

Episode #9- BB Ki Vines- | Mrs. Verma

Episode #10- BB Ki Vines- | The Salesman


So here is best BB Ki Vines Videos that you can download or watch on YouTube. The most famous video of BB Ki Vines is “Papa MaKiChu” and after that Angry Masterji is another hilarious video by Bhuvan Bam. I hope you like this collection, now enjoy it bhenchoo :p :p .


  1. BB ki Vines is my favourite YouTube channel and Bhuvan Bam is an amazing individual. I love his episode and these are really my favourite…
    Thanks for your effort to collect at one place.


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