5 Best Android Background Removers in 2019 [Easy & Fast Tools]

When the things come to photo editing tools, then Adobe Photoshop is always a masterpiece for performing any photo editing tasks. But this is another truth that performing all work in Photoshop is not an easy task. It requires too many time investment to learn all commands for photo editing.

I recommend not to use Photoshop for basic works like background removing and cropping. There are lots of background remover tools available that can perform this task quickly and without any extra skills. If you are an Android user, then background remover apps are enough to clear background of any image.

Best Background Remover Apps in 2019 For Android

Here I am listing best image background remover apps for Android smartphones. Anytime you are in need of editing photo background these apps will make your task easy. Below are top background editor apps for Android-

1- Change photo background

Change photo background is the best background remover apps that allow users to delete the background of any photos quickly. The app is lightweight and straightforward to use. The apps have the facility to delete any portion of the background, either you can make it transparent or place your favorite photo in the background.

This background remover app is available to download on Google Play Store. This app is available for free to download, and it has 10 HD inbuilt images that users can place in the background of their photos.

2- Background Eraser and Remover

Background eraser and remover is another best tool for Android. The app allows users to pick any particular area for erasing the background. We can target any area with any targeted color. This app is available for free to download on Play Store.

3- Background Eraser

The name of this app itself explains its functionality. Background Eraser is a simple app for cutting pictures and for making a picture’s background transparent. The resulting images and photos can be used as stamps with other apps, such as LINE Camera, PicsArt.

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4- Background Remover

The app has a smart crop feature which allows custom crop size and shape. The background can be quickly removed or restored easily with its built-in tools. It also features Magic Selection tool that can choose a region to delete smartly. Background Remover also provides an option to change the background. You can choose non-background, take background image from the camera, picture color from the color picker or use background images provided by the app itself. Background Remover is not just an ordinary photo editor app; it is quite smart for Android devices. Background Remover app can help you erase background or object easily.

 5- TouchRetouch

In the last but not least, TouchRetouch is another good application for the background removing. TouchRetouch is an award-winning photo editor app on Android that allows users to remove unwanted regions or objects from any photo. You just need to mark the unwanted items then hit “Go”.

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