Atmos Raw Vaporizer Review: Buy OR Not

For dedicated vapers, choosing a portable vaporizer is just about as personal a decision as you will ever have to make and Atmos Raw Vaporizer has been on the top of the list since it was introduced.

That isn’t meant to be some over the top comment, but one that makes sense given that it’s a device that you are going to carry around with you at all times of every day.

It’s something that you are going to get attached to very quickly and something that you’ll look forward to using many times during the week.

It’s only practical than that the best portable vaporizer to purchase is one that is so popular, that it receives updates from the manufacturer to make it even better based on user feedback.

This is what you get with the Atmos Raw pen from, one of the best vaporizers for weed and herbs on the market today.

The Atmos Raw Review

Atmos Raw VaporizerOk, let’s start our Atmos vaporizer review.

The Atmos Raw vaporizer pen is a cleverly disguised vaping device that could very easily sit on your work desk, and no one would think it to be anything more than a good looking regular pen with a cool color.

Known as an herbal vaporizer pen, it’s a smart multi-substance portable vaporizer that can be used for concentrates as well as “flowers” without the need to change its tank for one material or the other.

The Atmos Vaporizer Pen is versatile and discreet, which is exactly what you want from the best herbal vaporizer.

It has a small chamber which is almost revolutionary in the speed of its heating time, and the punch it packs is huge, with nothing but clear taste all the way with whatever product you have in the tank.

In the usability stakes, we found the draw on this portable weed vaporizer to be exceptionally smooth. We were able to get up to 8 draws before it needed refilling.

It has a rubber mouthpiece, so there is no issue with particles getting caught up in it.

Features of the Atmos Raw vaporizer

While you will only need to use the USB charger that comes with the Atmos herb vaporizer every 72 hours with regular vaping, it is the heating mechanism that receives the most attention with this product.

Unlike similar vaporizers, the Atmos Raw vaporizer pen has a removable mesh filter which separates the heating chamber from the herbal material.

This means that the herbs are heated to vaporization rather than being burned from touching the heating coil inside the chamber.

This is a recent addition to the product to prevent combustion of the dry blends.

The device itself heats up within mere seconds and uses safety shut off features to keep the temperature within a safe range.

Parts overview

One essential aspect is that the pen comes apart in sections so replacing any worn parts is a snap with this device.

As far as parts are concerned, here is what makes up this popular portable vaporizer;

  • Vaporizer battery
  • Heating chamber – ceramic
  • Glass screen, spring and mesh filter
  • Chamber Connector
  • Mouthpiece – rubber
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charger
  • AC adapter
  • User manual

Features overview

The Atmos Raw has a reputation as one of the best vaporizers for weed and herbs because of its unique design and fast heating capabilities.

Here is what you can expect from your Atmos Raw pen;

  • Pocket and Purse portability
  • Length 5 inches and 0.5-inch diameter
  • Unique 2 part vapor cleaning filtration system
  • 9-second safety shut off
  • Adjustable pre-set temperature control
  • Eight color option
  • Lithium-ion long-lasting battery
  • Simple fill, press, inhale operation
  • All parts are 100 percent American
  • Authenticity Atmos stamp on bottom of pan

How the Atmos Raw vaporizer works

The Atmos Raw portable weed vaporizer uses modern vaporizer convection technology. It means that it ensures the heating of the dry blends just enough to release the active and essential herb elements without burning.

Here is how you use it;

Grind your herbal blend and remove seeds and stems to ensure the best results. The drier your blend is, the better vapor you will receive.

  1. Remove the pen’s chamber connector from its ceramic heating chamber.
  2. Pack your room, but not tightly so that the airflow over your blend will remain constant and even.
  3. Screw the chamber back into place.
  4. Make sure the glass screen is covering the coil. This is what ensures that the pen vapes rather than burns because it prevents the coil from touching any metal.
  5. Click the rubber power on button at the top and wait 5 seconds.
  6. Begin taking draws and feel the rip!

The Atmos Raw will quickly reach a heat level up to 400 degrees F and will filter twice before it enters your mouth, so you know you are drawing only the purest blend.


A lithium-ion battery is the power source charging the Amos Raw vape pen and takes around 6 hours to charge. You will need to charge it fully before using it for the first time, but then you can expect up to 50 draws before you have to recharge it; impressive!

As a small precautionary measure, avoid over-charging this battery. This way you will be guaranteed to get the most out of it.

Atmos Raw Vaporizer pros and cons


There are some stand-out benefits coming your way from using this Atmos Raw vape pen.

Check these out;

  1. It is windproof, and only one of the few places you will see this benefit mentioned is in this Atmos Raw vaporizer review. This benefit is a big plus for anyone in any environment.
  2. Its heating time is phenomenal. We can’t speak for the other Atmos vaporizers, but this one heats almost instantly.
  3. Its heating element is ceramic, meaning that you have no issues with melting or damage.
  4. The battery almost lives through 2 lives; it is that energetic.
  5. 5 click safety to start.
  6. It is super portable and can pass anywhere in looks like an actual pen.


The Atmos Raw has been the subject of a particular criticism since it was first released;

It is too hot, and it creates smoke rather than vapor. The internal coil has come under fire for exactly that – causing burning of the herbs and blowing smoke. These criticisms came about because the heating element was too hot which impacted the coil that was touching the herbs.

Some people find the chamber to be too small, requiring them to fill up more than they would prefer. This is an opinion that we don’t share.

What people are saying about the Atmos Raw

There have been concerns that the Atmos Raw has not performed like a true vaporizer because of its burning issue. This was the resounding feedback when the Raw was first released.

To their credit, Atmos addressed the issue and had made the pen more stable by adding the glass screen that we have previously mentioned.

With the Raw now fully functional as a pen that vapes, the responses have been mostly positive.

There is still the occasional gripe about the coil, but this could very well be from those who choose not to use the screen or who have an older model and never bothered to order the part.

The word around the forums that we frequent is that the Atmos Raw now works very well and is a vaporizer that they would gladly recommend.

They appreciate its staying power and the ease with which they can draw. The lowest rating we have seen for this recently is four stars. Not bad for a handheld pen.

Should you buy the Atmos Raw?

If you are looking for a vaporizer that is smartly put together and inconspicuous in size, then this could very well be the vape pen for you.

We mentioned earlier about the Raw pen being upgraded, and it is now also known as the Atmos Raw Rx. This is the later model that has addressed most of the previous concerns.

We say ‘most’ because we can’t possibly rule out that others are not using the Rx version while still mentioning overheating concerns.

With that said, this vape pen does work particularly well with dry herbs and allows some high-quality draws.

It handles the weather better than other portable vaporizers that we have tried, and for those who know how to get the best out of it, it proves to be quite an impressive pen.