Wow!!! After banning of 500 and 1000 notes, money became biggest challenge for people. No doubt people are facing hell lot of difficulty after this decision against black money but all these small issue will help in betterment of our future.

Everyday officials comes with new rules and working hard to solve problems of common men but still have lot of difficulty. On 17th November 2016, our finance minister announced some good news about money withdrawal limitations by keeping the problems of people in mind. There was 7 big announcement for people who are struggling to get money from bank. According to latest update, now farmers can withdraw up to 25,000 every week for agriculture purpose but for that they must have KYC account.

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If there is marriage schedule in your home and facing issue related to money, now you can withdraw up 2.5 lakh by showing marriage card and another the announcement is also made for businessmen who are facing problems day by day and now they can also withdraw up to 50,000.

ATM’s are also getting upgraded for new notes and till date 22,000 ATM was upgraded and ready for dispatching new 1000 and 500 notes. Still 2.5 lakh ATM are under construction for new note dispatchment but they are working fine with INR 100 notes.

You might see a longer queue at every ATM but most of them run out of cash till your number. The main reason behind this is, they are capable of holding INR 10 lakh maximum. But after this article you will not face any bigger issue.

How To Know Which ATM has Cash Available Near Your Location?


Do you want to get rid of longer queue near at ATM near you? Fine!! Here is perfect remedy for you…

I am going to help you out regarding which ATM is running out of cash and which one have cash available nearest to your location but for that first promise me that, YOU’LL SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AS WELL.

So let me guide step by step to know whether your nearest ATM has cash available or not?…

STEP #1:

First of all, go to your smartphone location setting and enable GPS option so that your location can easily be found online.

If you are using Laptop or PC then allow location permission in your browser.

STEP #2:

Now go to this website and search for your PIN code.

STEP #3:

Now wait for result, in few seconds only all your nearest ATM will be in front of your screen.

STEP #4:

Now check the status of your nearest ATM, whether it has cash available or not… If it shows cash available then only visit there.

NOTE: Don’t forget to verify the date and time of status.


This is really great platform started to help people out with cash problems. You will get an option to inform them also so that they can update the current status. Help them for betterment of service and don’t forget to share with your friends and ask for same. I hope this will help you to find out ATM with cash loaded online. Thanks for reading this article… Keep Visiting!!


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