Appvn Apk Store: Ultimate Google Play Store Alternative in 2017
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In the world of Technology, Android has covered almost 80% of the market and rest is covered with the iOS and other less popular mobile operating system. Appvn is a place, where users can download the lots of modified apps and games.

In Android, It has its own app store called Play store and on iOS, it has Apple App store. People are fond of these official stores but those who only limited themselves to these store, are really mission something great. I recommend you to download Acmarket Apk store today and believe me, you’ll forget to vision official store.

But the time is changed now, and with time, So people are also. Now, people are not depending on app stores for downloading apps or games.

As they know, Where they will get their favorite Apps and Games for free absolutely.

Well Guys, Today, I am here with Appvn App store which is the best free alternative to App stores.

Let’s talk more about it in our next section.

Appvn App Store:

Appvn apk

Appvn is a free app store for Android as well as iOS. It has many apps available to download which you will not find on App stores. You will not get those apps and games from the official play store or maybe, those apps or games will be paid but on Appvn, You will get all things for free.

Appvn is one of the finest apps which fetches almost all the apps and games which are not on Plastore and provides at one place.

It is a very popular third-party app store.

All third party apps are not trustworthy but Appvn is not on that list. As I am going to introduce you with one of the best Third-Party app stores, You don’t need to worry about it.

If you are one of them who are fed up to pay for apps and games and try to paid apps for free, then you need Appvn Apk store in your device.

Let’s move to its exciting features.

Appvn App Store Features:

There are a lot of impressive features of this app store and I’m going to list some of them.

  • There are not any app like Appvn is available right now in the market.
  • It updates all the apps and games on its own.
  • You can download all paid apps for free. You don’t need to pay a single dime. No hidden charges!
  • It’s totally a user-friendly app.
  • Most of the popular paid apps are available for free there.
  • It introduces the newest apps and games as soon as they released.
  • It is very easy to use. You will not face a single problem while using it.
  • It supports Android as well as iOS and works flawlessly.
  • It supports all android versions.

With its cool features, Appvn has crossed 2 Million+ downloads. You can guess the popularity of this app.

Requirements to get this app installed on your device:

All you need is a rooted smartphone and once you will root your device, You can use this app.

How to Download Appvn?

To download it, You can visit the Appvn blog and download from there. You will get Android, iOS and PC download links from there or I recommend you to visit this link and hit the download button to get latest version of Appvn Apk.


We have shared the best alternative of Play store and Apple App store. If you need any kind of help, you can comment below.

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