Appvn Apk Market – Best Alternative To TuTuApp Apk Store

Are you addicted to playing games? What if your favorite game is not available for free of cost and you don’t have enough money to get the premium subscription?

Don’t worry, I am also a crazy game lover and tech addict, and I always try to explore new applications and software on my Android device and here I found a secret way to download app premium games for free of cost.

I will show you this awesome trick by which you can download all latest premium games for free! It’s true, from now you can download any Android and iOS game from Appvn Apk Store for free.

Appvn Apk Android Download

Now, one thought came to your mind – what is Appvn?

You don’t need to put much effort on it because I am available here to help you out with any query. You are my reader, and it’s mine duty to serve every single detail which you want. So, let me tell you some details about Appvn App Store, just read the next paragraph.

What is Appvn Apk Market?

Appvn is a third party application store where you can get all premium, popular Android games and tools in Apk files and you can directly install it on Android smartphone by changing a small setting in device setting of your phone. I’ll cover this in a later paragraph.

Appvn Market
Appvn Market

I was exploring some secret forum and saw about Appvn Apk Store. Being a techie person, I started exploring the things and found that, Appvn is the best place to download any paid applications and games for free and the best part is- Appvn doesn’t charge anything for subscription also. You can easily download Appvn Apk on Android device and install it correctly.

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Some Excellent Features of Appvn Android Market

It’s human tendency that, he/she want to know about anything deeply and particular they want to know the features and unique feature of anything. So, how could I forget to mention about Appvn features? Below are some unique characteristic I recognized at the time of using Appvn App download market and here are those highlights-

  • Appvn is completely free alternative to Google Play Store which provides all popular apps in portable format aka APK File.
  • The Appvn market has excellent user-interface and easy to use app menu layout which provides the path to easy to access files and download it offline.
  • It has a vast collection of premium applications and games, and the list is continuously growing.
  • Appvn App is completely free open source market which doesn’t ask for any subscription.
  • You can find all popular games hack file like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft premium game, on homepage only.
  • Appvn store is most trusted third party apk market in 2017 where you won’t get any malicious file, but although it’s market for hacked games and application, so we can’t trust blindly.
  • Appvn is available in multi-language for Android as well as iOS. Recently Appvn English Apk launched globally to help people out.
  • A perfect alternative to Tutuapp Apk market for Android.

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How To Download Appvn For Android

Before moving to download and installation process of Appvn Apk, let me tell you some system requirements before installation-

  • Make sure that, your device is running above Android 4.0 (Android Ice-cream Sandwich).
  • Your device must be having 15MB internal storage space to install all required files of Appvn Application Store.

These are two necessary requirements before beginning the installation process. So, I am assuming that your device has 15MB storage space and is running above Android version 4.0 because most of latest device are running on Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop. You must know that the latest version of Android is Android Nougat 7.1.

Steps to download and install Appvn Android Apk market

Step #1 Open Device Setting

The very first step towards Appvn Apk installation is to change some settings in your smartphone.

Step #2 Enable Unknown Sources

By default, manufactures keep “Unknown Sources” disable and here it requires to allow in order to install any third party application on Android phone. The “Unknown Sources” option can be found in Security Settings of your device. Follow the below the path, and you’ll find an option to enable Unknown Sources option.

Click on Menu Icon > >  Click on Device Settings > > Click on Security Settings > >  Click on Unknown Sources > >  Enable it.

Step #3 Download portable Appvn Apk file

Once you enabled Unknown Sources option on your device, now you can install any third party application on Android smartphone. In the next step, you require downloading Appvn Apk file from the link given below.

Download Apk File Here

Step #4 Open File Explorer

Once the Appvn free Apk file downloaded on your device, go to file manager or file explorer and look for latest apk file you downloaded. Click on the Appvn Apk file which you downloaded from above link to begin the installation process.

Once you hit on Install button, it automatically begins the installation process.

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Step #5 Allow all permissions

Appvn App for Android will ask for some permissions like “Read and Write Files”, “Read and Write Data Services”, “Read and Write Storage” etc. you have to allow all the permissions because if you don’t give permissions, it won’t work properly.

That’s it… This is how you downloaded Appvn Apk on Android for free. Now your device is ready to download any premium games Apk file directly on your internal storage through Appvn Application Store. All you need to do is, just open the Appvn store and navigate to category section and look for your favorite game. Even you can search with the filename also like “Pokemon Go” or “Minecraft Game” and click on the search result.

After clicking on any of the files, it will provide an option to download Apk file of that particular game. Just click and save it to your device. You can follow the same above steps to install the newly downloaded Apk file.


Being a game lover, it was my duty to reveal that how can we download all premium apps and games for free. So, above I explained every single step to download Appvn Apk on Android and install it correctly. But, if you still found any error or difficulty in downloading or installation process, feel free to ask here. I am available for you to help in best possible way and in return, just share this article with your friends on social Medias.

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