APK is a package of JavaScript and other language codes supported by all Android phones and Android emulators. Google Play store is an official market for Android phones to download any apps but it doesn’t provide a direct download link of Apk file of that particular application. If somebody in need a portable Apk file then he/she need to visit any third-party apk store.

But the biggest problem is; its security and you can’t find all apps on those third-party APK Store. But after reading this guide; you will not face any trouble to find and download APK file. If you are looking for a complete guide to “How to download the apk file from Google Play store”; here is a complete guide.

It is possible to download APK file from Play store with the help of APK Downloader apps and online apk downloader tools. Here I am listing those tools by which you can download APK file of any app from Google Play store.

Top 5 APK Downloader To Download APK From The Google Play Store

apk downloader

#1- apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader-

If you are looking for best apk downloader for PC, then this online tool will be best for you. This is the most convenient and efficient APK Downloader supports all major browsers. All you need to do is, simply visit this site in new tab. Then go to Google play store copy the URL of a particular app of which APK file you want to download. After that click on “Generate Download Link” button and this APK Downloader will start creating the magic. A direct download link of your APK file will be in front of your computer screen. Just download and save it to your local storage.

#2- apk-dl.com-

The next APK Downloader online tool is apk-dl.com. This one is also a clean and clear interface apk downloading tool which helps in downloading apk file of Google Play Store apps. In this; you need to copy the URL of play store app or simply search your favorite app by name. The apk file of that app will be on your computer screen.

#3- Apk Downloader Chrome Extension-

Now you can download any apk file from play store interface directly. All you need to do is; just install this Chrome extension in your Google Chrome browser. Now visit any app on play store and click on the extension from the navigation bar. You will get a direct download link of that particular apk.

#4- Apk Downloader Mozilla Add-On

This is also similar to APK Downloader Chrome extension. You need to install this addon on your Mozilla Firefox, and then you can download apk file of any app from the play store.

#5- APK Downloader App-

APK Downloader is another online tool that helps in generating apk download link of any app from the Google play store. This tool requires the name of app or app URL of Google play store. After pasting it in the search bar, it will automatically generate a download link for that application.


Above I have listed all five tools that I normally prefer for downloading the apk file from Google Play store. All these tools are working fine, but I am a big fan of Google Chrome, so I mostly use Apk Downloader Chrome extension in my browser. You can try all these APK Downloader tools in downloading APK’s of any app from the Play store.


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