Hey folks, I hearty welcome you to ReviewsPub and today’s I am going to share the list of top 10 antivirus apps for iPhone and other iOS devices. No doubt, iPhone is most secured mobile operating system after Blackberry but still many brilliant hackers are experimenting a lot of methods to steal any personal data. Antivirus software’s are most secured way to stop stealing data from any devices.

But, what if an antivirus unable to detect those threats? For that you need to choose a best antivirus app which regularly update their database for latest bugs and stealing techniques. As per current digital market is heating up for security issues, you should be much aware of security for your iPhone device to protect your all important data (documents, photos, videos etc.). Hence, all you need is a good antivirus for your masterpiece.

Are you worrying about choosing a best antivirus app for your iDevice? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. All these antivirus software’s I personally tried and got good feedback from other users.

Best iPhone Antivirus Apps for Free Download

#1- Lookout Mobile Security:

Lookout Mobile Security is one of best antivirus apps for iPhone as well as android device which I personally love. This antivirus apps has got huge popularity among iPhone users but still less popular in Android community. Lookout Mobile Security is most secure antivirus app which provide you complete solution and secure you from untrusted Wi-Fi networks, locate your device location from stealing, and secure your data such as photos, videos, documents etc. and much more.

#2- Norton Mobile Security:

Norton is well popular antivirus software among computers user and recently they started serving for mobile devices as well. This antivirus app will provide high level of protection of your mobile device. Once you install this antivirus app on your mobile phone, it also protect your from any theft while browsing. They are providing regular update in their database for latest bugs and stealing methods.

Unlike another security app Norton Mobile Security also protect you unsafe website browsing with its Safe Browsing feature and alert you from the harmful website including fishing or malicious links. It’s an all packed mobile security free to download for iPhone users.

#3- Avast Secure Me:

No doubt, Avast is best antivirus software for android as well as iPhones. I think you are well familiar with this antivirus software because Avast security system provides numerous antivirus software’s and protection software’s.  The Avast Secure Me protect being known as world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while device is connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi.

This antivirus app will search all nearby Wi-Fi networks and notify you about whether it is safe to connect or not. Apart from everything, Avast Secure Me antivirus has additional VPN integration which enables you to encrypt all data while browsing and provides added layer of security on any online transaction. It also scans your emails, messages, browser history and provide security against any malware attack on your device.

#4- McAfee Mobile Security:

I don’t think that this software needs any extra introduction because this is well popular and best antivirus for PC. Its mobile security is also packed with great features which protect you iPhone from any attack. It notify you when any bugs found in your device and suggest you a better option to fix it. This will also secure you while browsing any webpages on internet and warn you before visiting any harmful website. Remote location is yet another great feature which notify you by email once your device got stolen. It also ask for administrative password when new SIM detected in the device.

#5- Avira Mobile Security for iOS:

Yes! This is another great antivirus app for your iPhone because it protect all your information and personal data from get stolen. It also help you while browsing any website and provide added protection layer in browsing. There are many apps available on App store which containing virus and malwares, Avira Mobile Security would be better filter to wash out those germs.

#6- VirusBarrier:

VirusBarrier is another best antivirus app for iPhones which ensures your safety while operating. This is a free antivirus app available to download from app store which protect your from any theft and Trojan attack. VirusBarrier not only protects your iPhone, it helps you to protect your Mac or Pc from malicious files. Other features like Safe Browser, Location Tracker, and Safe Wi-Fi connect help you to protect your iPhone device.

#7- MobiShield:

MobiShield would be another option if you are looking for free antivirus app for your iPhone. It has also compressed with all basic features like email scanning, safe browsing, theft protection etc. The extra feature of this antivirus software is, it take all backup of your contact on their secure server and anytime you can restore these data once required. It optimize your battery and RAM usage as well and helps to clear all catch memory by which your device get faster.

#8- 360 Mobile Security:

This is another antivirus app which are trending in market and provides all those basic features for security. It protect your data from being stolen and filter any SMS, emails and URL’s while browsing. It has got huge popularity among Android smartphone users and millions of download on Android market. It protect your device against Trojan attack and any malware activity. Apart from these basic features, RAM optimizer, Find My Phone and call filters is added security features in this antivirus app.

#9- Trend Micro Mobile Security:

Trend Micro Mobile Security is yet another antivirus software for iPhone which secures your all personal data. Good amount of downloads and positive feedback of customers are better method to analyse its potential. First go with this antivirus software and then send us feedback.

#10- F-Security:

In last but not least, F-Security would be another better choice for you if you want a security app on your smartphone. It protect you against any harmful attack from webpages and save your data against stolen. You will get high level of protection against web surfing and streaming any movies or videos online. You can download this antivirus app from app store and add extra safety on your device.


So these are top 10 best antivirus app from iPhones and other iOS devices which has got huge trust among users. I personally tested these apps and also collected feedback from users and found it as sharable. I hope it help you choose a better security app on your smartphone and protect you against any harmful attack. Now, it’s time to share this post over social networks so that your friends also get aware with these apps. Thanks for reading this post. Keep visiting regularly from latest update.


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