Essential Tools Required While Developing Android Applications

In significant advancement of technology, the things getting easier day by day. Every day developers are coming up with new software’s and applications. Whatever your requirement is, you can find a relevant application for your task on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Either you’re a corporate employee or a college student; you need to download a helping application related to your profession from the various app store if you want your task getting easier. There are millions of software development company in the world, focusing on app developments but ever you thought, how they develop those applications or how much they charge for? I am sure that you will also think to make a career in software development after knowing the costs.

android-developmentWell, here I am not going to talk about the charges and all, but if you want to know about it, you can visit any Freelancer’s website and see the hourly costs of developers. Here you are going to see a bunch of tools and knowledge of programming languages required for developing your first Android application.

Essential Tools Required For Android App Developments

If you are planning to develop your first Android application, then you must have these basic tools and knowledge of programming languages-

1- Android SDK:

Before starting your first Android app development project, Android SDK is must installed software on your machine. It provides you interface to combine all JavaScripts and compress for Android app extension.

   Download Android SDK

2- Android IDE:

The next tool required is an Android IDE for app development. Eclipse for Android Developers is one of most popular tool that you can try. There are few others similar tools as well, but we recommend you to go through Eclipse only.

   Download Eclipse Here

3- Android Emulator:

For testing purpose, you need an Android emulator to run your developed application. There are hundreds of Android emulator available in the market. Check the list of modern and lightweight Android emulators here.

Languages Required in Android App Development

The basic and core language used in Android app development is Java. If you want to explore yourself in Android development community, then you must be a master in Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun MicroSystem, but now it’s part of Oracle. Apart from Java, you must have knowledge of other programming languages too, like XML and HTML. For better user interface (UI) development, you should know about CSS also.


There are too much competition in Android app development industry and if you want to grow big, then hard work and dedication required. There is a software development company in Ukraine called Asoftlab doing a great job in software and app development area. These tools enough for you as beginners Android app developers. There are tons of tutorials available for app development that you can refer to basic knowledge.


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