All About The Causes Of Dry And Itchy Eyes

When you are happy, you get happy tears. When you are sad, you cry with eyes full of tears. Basically, tears are fluids that provide lubrication and moisture to your eyes. They help you see and keep your peepers comfortable. Whether happy or sad, tears are a mix of water, oils, mucus, and antibodies.

Water acts as moisture providing elements here, oils help in lubrication, mucus takes care of even spreading and antibodies keep the infections away. All these ingredients that form a tear are derived from some special glands around the eyes. And when we say we are suffering from dry itchy eyes, it means your tear system is out of service. Though there are several causes of dry eyes but in most cases, it happens when the tears lack moisture. Due to the absence of moisture, you might experience the most common dry eye symptoms like blurred vision, itching, redness, light sensitivity, or feeling like there is something stuck in your eye. The main reason behind the occurrence of the above-mentioned symptoms is reflex tearing. It mainly occurs when dry eyes create too many tears and the lack of moisture starts irritating the eyes. There is a distress signal sent through the nervous system for more lubrication and in return, all you get is a flood of tears to make up for the dryness. But as these tears are not normal tears and more of water, they fail to coat the surface of the eyes. And this is what gives rise to the causes of dry eyes.

Sometimes, the causes are a result of an unbalanced tear floe system. It might be your heater, air conditioner, or other things that could tear the fil, apart. Whereas in other cases, it could be aging, menopause, side effects of some drugs, diseases that descend the ability to make tears, etc. Here are a few more causes of dry eyes syndrome symptoms.

Mild Dehydration

When you do not drink enough fluids, your body lacks lubricants and this gives rise to dry and irritated eyes. Apart from this, there are many other symptoms of dehydration like dark urine, dizziness, lack of energy, rapid heartbeat, etc. Increasing the intake of fluids can help you overcome such symptoms and most importantly ease chronic dry eyes.

Low Humidity

When the airflow around you is dry, you are likely to face dry eye symptoms like blurred vision. In case of low humidity or if you are around an air vent for a long time, you get to face this issue. You can try using a humidifier to get rid of tear evaporation in such cases.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A is a great source of food items that help in keeping your eyes healthy. Food items like carrots, fish, spinach, eggs, etc are vitamin A rich. In case you avoid Vitamin A-rich food items you can suffer from night blindness and many other vision impairments.

Screen Time

One of the most common issues that most people face due to excessive use of computers and increased screen time is screen reader support enabled. This also leads to headaches, eyestrain, and stress. When one works on a computer, due to the harmful rays from the screen he or she tends to blink eyes less often, and this is what leads to evaporation of tears quickly.

Dry eye masks are the best in such cases. But if in any case, your eyes are red, painful then you definitely need to go to a doctor. Your doctor can discover the cause of these symptoms and suggest the best ways to treat them.

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