Using free internet with Airtel was a trending in the year of 2010 and 2011, and at that time; even UC browser was running at its 7.x.x version. The very first time, I was using an UC Handler to use Airtel free internet. After that; so many other methods came into the market in which people spammed the whole Airtel Free Internet Trick. After the UC Handle; Opera Handler also came in the market in which we can run Airtel free internet trick to enjoying surfing the free internet.

I remember that I was using my Samsung Galaxy Champ in 2010 and Samsung Galaxy Corby || to use Airtel free internet trick. But as we know that, there is a solution to every bug, and that is what happened with free internet trick in Airtel SIM. Airtel developers rectified the loophole and fixed it.

But, again in 2017; Airtel Free Internet Trick is back, and if you are an Airtel user then this will be the best news for you. Now you can enjoy free internet access with fast downloading right on your Android phone.

If you are also looking for working Airtel free internet trick then I want to tell you that; YOU ARE A PERFECT PLACE… Because, Here I’ll teach you to step by step guide to enjoy free internet access on Airtel sim. All you need to do is; read this article carefully and apply the steps correctly on your device. In case; you facing any trouble in getting access to Airtel free internet method; please leave a detailed comment on your problem, and I’ll help you out for sure.

Airtel 4G Free Internet Trick
Airtel 5GB Free Internet Trick [Night Data with Airtel Jackpot Offer]

Well, this is very initial, official and clean trick to get 5GB 3G/4G internet data on your Airtel SIM. This is an official announcement to grab through Airtel Jackpot offer. Below I’ll tell you how to grab 5GB fast Internet data with Airtel Jackpot offer, but in the later paragraph, I’ll guide to with real and unofficial free internet trick for Airtel users; so don’t stop reading this article at any step. Because the next paragraph is something which you are looking for.

How to grab 5GB Internet Data in Airtel through Airtel Jackpot Offer

Step 1- Download My Airtel official app from Google play store.

Step 2- Sign up for a new Airtel Account by submitting all details correctly.

Step 3- Verify your Airtel mobile number through OTP and login to My Airtel App.

Step 4- Click on Airtel Jackpot 5GB Night Data option.

Step 5- Now you will have the opportunity to claim 5GB Night Data; just claim it by completing all tasks.

In the task, you require to download some apps and play some videos online. This is how you can get 5GB Data on your Airtel number. You can apply these steps with multiple Airtel mobile number to earn more data in the account.

Features of Airtel 5GB free Internet tricks (Airtel Tricks)

  • Works with 0 Balance.
  • Easy to Connect
  • It will provide 3G net.
  • Unlimited surfing in a day.
  • Downloading is limited 100 Mb per day.
  • Downloading speed 150Kb minimum.
  • It will work everything like WhatsApp Facebook hike and other net required apps.

How to use free internet on Airtel [Trick #1]

Well, many of new Airtel users don’t know about how to use free internet on Airtel; so for them, I’ll give a small introduction on how to use free internet tricks on Airtel. As, I told in the very first paragraph that, I was using UC Handler and Opera Handler to enjoy free internet tricks on Airtel/Aircel/Vodafone and Reliance but now most of the people carrying Android smartphone so, here you need to download some apps to run free internet on Airtel SIM.

  1. First of all, download Droid VPN application on your Android phone from Google Play Store because this is the very basic tool which helps you in running free internet trick on Airtel.
  2. Once, Dorid VPN downloaded on your device, please open it and sign up for a new account.
  3. After signup, verify all requirements and login to Droid VPN App on Android phone.
  4. Now, tap on “settings iCon” in Droid VPN dashboard and click on the “Connection Protocol” option.
  5. Click on “TCP” option and choose Custome HTTP headers.
  6. Now, enter the following HTTP headers in blank space-
  • Host:
  • X-online-host:


  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:


  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:


  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:


  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:


  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:

7.  Now, tap on “OK”

8. Now you need to close the Droid VPN App and open it again.

9. Now connect to Netherland Server #6 and turn data on with Netherland Server 6.

10. Now access the Free internet on Airtel with the high-speed download.

NOTE- Make sure that; your Airtel account balance is 0 while turning data on, else it may lead to apply standard data charge from the account balance.

Airtel free internet trick working proof

Airtel free internet
Airtel Free Internet Trick Proof 2017

Airtel Free Internet Working [Trick #2]

So, I case if you can’t download Droid VPN on your Android phone, here is another working trick to use free internet on Airtel in all the states (tested in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bihar & Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand, Tamilnadu)

  1. Download Troid VPN on your Android device and install it.
  2. Go to setting and enter the following entry in Rport and Lport option.
  3. Rport- 443
  4. Lport- 0
  5. Go to Advance Settings of Troid VPN and enable “Use Proxy For TCP Connection” option.
  6. Enter the following configurations in the setting-
  7. Proxy Host: OR
  8. Port: 3128
  9. Host:
  10. Click on Save and exit. Reconnect and enjoy free internet with downloading speed on Airtel mobile.

NOTE- Make sure you account balance is again 0 while connection to Troid VPN. You can choose any free location in the dashboard.

PLEASE INFORM US with your location if the trick is working or not… Use the comment box for any query.

Airtel Free Internet Working 2017 [Trick #3]

In case, both of above trick won’t work in your region; don’t be sad… Here is another Airtel free internet 2017 working trick for you. It will definitely work on your Airtel mobile-

  1. Firstly, download official Wynk Application on your Android smartphone from Play Store.
  2. Open your data connection and run this application.
  3. Click on My Account under Wynk App and tap on TRY FREE
  4. Now tap on WYNK FREEDOM PLAN and download Tunnel Guru For PC or Droid VPN for Android.
  5. Go to your Tunnel Guru software and go to advance settings.
  6. Click on Parent Proxy option and enter the following data in blank space.
  7. IP:, PORT: 3128.
  8. Enter the following entry in HOST: and connect with TCP 443 port.
  9. Save and exit.
  10. Now connect and enjoy high-speed free internet on Airtel.

NOTE- Please update whether this free data trick is working or not in your location with us so that we can find some alternate trick for that location.

Airtel Free Internet 2017 Working [Trick #4]

So, I have already given three working methods to use free internet on Airtel Android phone, and now it turns to PC users. To be frank; this is paragraph is all about How to use free internet on PC with Airtel Sim. So, let’s start with trick-

  • Firstly, Download NMD VPN on your Windows PC.
  • Once file downloaded on your PC, double-click on the application to install NMD VPN and follow all instruction while installation process.
  • Now, download a configuration file from this link which you require in later steps.
  • Once configuration file downloaded, go to your PC file explorer and paste it in this location- C: Program Files/NMDVPN/config/.
  • And you should connect your internet with
  • Right click on NMD VPN and then click on Run as Admin.
  • Then connect your NMD VPN with this settings. You should get connected after that!

That’s it! You are connected to Airtel Free Internet Server, now enjoy unlimited free download with Airtel.


When I come to the end of this article, then I would like to summarize the whole story. Here I have given 100% working trick to use free internet on Airtel under various locations. Most of our readers told that these Free Airtel internet trick is working in that area so, please let us know if any of method not working. The comment box below is open for discussion; so please utilize it and don’t forget to like and share us on social.




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