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ahrefs review

Are you also one of them who facing lots of issue after latest policy update by Ahrefs? If your answer is yes, then this article is only for you. After the trial policy update, almost 60% of event bloggers and internet marketers facing trouble. I went through many forums and Facebook groups where people are madly discussion about ahrefs login creditionals and URL report. So today I decided to help those fellows in saving huge money for getting ahrefs account access.

What is Ahrefs?

If you don’t know about ahrefs then you are completely new in internet marketing and blogging industry because this is most essential tool which every bloggers needs. Ahrefs is most powerful tool which is packed with backlink checker, search engine ranking position tracker, keyword explorer (recently added feature), website health checker and much more.

One thing I can say is, ahrefs does you 65% of work in blogging at single platform. This tool has maximum rate of crawling among other tools such as SEMRush and Majestic. Even top internet marketers of world recommend this tool.

Features of ahrefs:

As I discussed above about ahrefs features that it has 3 major section viz. Site explorer, Position Explorer and Keyword explorer. Let me discuss about each segments, lets first start with Site explorer of ahrefs.

Site Explorer:

The most popular feature of ahrefs is, Site explorer. It provides all report about your site backlinks and competitor strategy of link building. No doubt, backlinks are the most important factor of your website ranking and making it authority. You will get all report including referring domains (incoming and outgoing), types of backlink, anchor text, dofollow/nofollow ratio, and other strategy of your competitor.

It also give you simultaneous graph of referring domain and referring pages along with domain rating (DR) and page rating (PR) along with ahrefs rank.

Domain Rating: Domain rating is a great developed algorithm by ahrefs team which show you how strong a domain is? Rather say how strong backlink profile a particular domain have.
Page Rating: Ahrefs Page rating is another outstanding algorithm of ahrefs which show how your site has potential to rank on a particular keyword.
Ahrefs Rank: Yet another algorithm which show the authority and popularity of a particular domain.

If you want to explore any domains backlinks, just open ahrefs site explorer and put your domain name and hit enter.

Position Explorer:

Position is another great feature of Ahrefs which provide all details about ranking keywords and their position of any particular URL. Along with their position in Google search engine, it also provide estimated searches and search results for that keywords. It also provide information about estimated traffic to that particular website and CPC (Cost Per Click) of ranking keywords. This is really great feature of this tool which gives all information about a specific blog.

Keyword Explorer:

As I told earlier about top three features of Ahrefs and keyword explorer is one of them. You do not need to look for any alternative tool to analyse the potential of a particular keywords and its search volume and competition to rank on Google. You will get information about local and global searches, number of authority sites ranking for and competition level. It means you can perform your maximum of task with single tool.

So these are top three outstanding features of Ahrefs which can perform 60% task at single platform and one of most important feature, I personally like about Ahrefs is it’s clean and easy to use interface. You do not need to get extra training for using this tool.

Other great features of Ahrefs:

There are hell lot of other outstanding features of Ahrefs that will help you in internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Do Follow/Nofollow ratio:

Maintain do follow/nofollow ratio is another important thing you should take care of because if your all backlinks will be dofollow only then it looks bit spammy in Google eyes while all your links will be nofollow only then you will not get benefit of PR juice.

With help of Ahrefs, you will Noise cancelling works and works well enough to give you the illusion of quieter environment which makes listening to music much more enjoyable.

 Content Explorer:

With the help of content explorer, you can find top content of any website. It will be helpful to analyse top referring content of your competitor so that you can check how that particular post performing well on search engine ranking.

Plans and Pricing

plans and pricingSo all above we were discussing about features of Ahrefs and now you should know, how much you need to pay for this tool. Well there are four plans available for you. Now you might be thinking why four plans have there, so let me clear it- in basic plan you have some limitations on number of report and keyword position in position explorer but in advance plan you can enjoy extended feature.

Have you enough money to pay these amount without income in begining?


Here is another great option… You can buy this tool in groupbuy…(Basically many people together pay for single subscription and everyone use it via various methods like RDP or VPS)

Now you might thinking, which group buy is good for Ahrefs access? Fine!! I’ll help you out with this as well because I am carrying experience with few group buy as well. I went through around 7 ahrefs groupbuy tools services but Flikover has great service among all.

Flikover should be your first choice for ahrefs tool groupbuy because it has great support and amazing accessing speed. You do not need to login into any VPS, only install two plugins in to your browser and start using agency plan (most advanced plan) for $8 per month only.

Why I recommend you Flikover?

There are few advantages of Flikover among all other groupbuy services—

#1- Agency Plan: You will get access with most advance plan of ahrefs with Flikover so that you can enjoy unlimited features of this tool.

#2- Fast Accessing Speed: Time is most important thing for internet marketer but what you will do once accessing speed is too slow? I faced this difficulty with other groupbuy services but Flikover has outstanding access speed.

#3- Easy to use Dashboard: Even a newbie can easily access with their dashboard, just install two chrome extension in your browser and start exploring things.

#4- Cheaper in Price: Flikover is offering ahrefs access only, so you do not need to pay extra amount for other unnecessary tools which you do not need.

#5- Service Support: Yes!! This is another most important factor for judging quality of any service and Flikover has very dedicated support team. You will get solved your query quickly on email as well as Facebook.

Want 24 hour trial absolutely free?

Okay! Let’s have a trial for one day completely free…

Follow the link given below to sign up with Flikover… (Trial Coupon will automatically applied once you follow the given link)

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Now download these two extension in your Google Chrome browser.

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Now check your registered email and finish the membership.

Done! You can use ahrefs for one day completely FREE…

Final Verdict:

I strongly recommend you to get ahrefs subscription if you really want to skyrocket your search engine ranking. This is most recommended tool for every blogger and internet marketer. My thumbs is up for this and save thousands of dollar every month with Flikover. Cheers!! Keep Visiting…Keep Sharing