7 Tips to Beat Fatigue and Boost Energy

I HAVE NO STRENGTH! The lack of energy that is characteristic of spring fatigue manifests itself as fatigue, drowsiness or apathy. In addition to the above, there may also be depression and loss of motivation. Fatigue is the body’s normal response to lack of sleep, increased stress, overwork at work or school, lack of vitamins and minerals, and a sedentary lifestyle.

In autumn and winter, there is not enough vitamin D, therefore, from October to March, you need to take an energy boost supplement with this vitamin. Other vitamins and minerals that we get from fresh vegetables, berries and fruits in summer are also lacking. Even if some of them persist until spring, the amount of nutrients in them decreases and becomes insufficient. That’s why we need to spend on the best energy supplement to maintain that balance in our body. 

  • Call the dream fairy for help

A good night’s sleep reduces fatigue and sleepiness during the day. An adult needs an average of seven to nine hours of sleep. Emotional stress, chronic pain, allergies, alcohol, night sweats plus mobile devices, computers and televisions right before bed reduce sleep quality. During the day, if possible, 10 minutes of naps will be enough for a good energy boost. However, it must be borne in mind that you cannot doze for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep in the evening.

  • Don’t forget about movement

It is rare to feel like exercising when you are tired, but there is a lot of research that proves that it is physical activity that increases energy levels and has always been closely related to vitality and overall quality of life. When exercising, the work of the heart, lungs, muscles improves, which in general gives more energy for any activity. Interestingly, yoga is a particularly effective way of getting energy. In a British study, volunteers felt more energy, improved mental performance, and increased self-esteem after six weeks of attending yoga once a week.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration, or not getting enough fluid, weakens a person’s performance, decreases alertness, and impairs their ability to concentrate. An adult needs to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day, given that coffee, tea, and alcohol contribute to the elimination of water from the body, so the more of these drinks are consumed, the more water you need to drink per day.

  • Remember fats

Omega-3 fatty acids improve concentration and can reduce fatigue. Participants in a study in Italy consumed one fish oil capsule and natural energy supplements daily for 21 consecutive days. As a result, they experienced faster responses during responses, and the participants themselves admitted that they felt more energetic.

  • Watch what you put in your stomach

Eating small, frequent meals helps maintain an even blood sugar level, which provides the body with the energy it needs all day. It is recommended to eat five to six times a day and take the best energy supplement prescribed by your doctor. 

  • Ask for advice at the pharmacy

In pharmacies, you can buy various complexes of vitamins, minerals and natural energy supplements, however, additional energy will be given by those containing coenzyme Q10, ginseng and amino acids. Coenzyme Q10 provides cells with the energy they need for vital processes. In the body, coenzyme Q10 is synthesized in the liver, but after 25 years its production decreases, so it can be taken with dietary supplements. Ginseng is a medicinal plant with a pronounced tonic effect, and proteins are synthesized from amino acids, which, in turn, are the main “building material” in the human body.

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