7 Most Used Movements Captured by Motion Control Camera

Want to become a famous Youtube vlogger? Or aim to become a film director? Then it’s time to learn cinematography skills. Nowadays, a motion control camera is widely used for small captures to make big-screen movies. The camera is not of one type; you can find many variants possessing incredible features. Let’s learn about the 7 most used movements that add depth to the visuals. 


Undoubtedly, zooming is quite popular and is the most used camera movement. Most of you surely know about it, but it’s important to remind you again. When you don’t know any other visual interest, zoom is a savior. However, it’s important to use things creatively, such as a quick zoom, etc. This can be done with the help of motion control cameras. 


Panning is one of the phenomenal captures while shooting videos. Here, one holds the camera horizontally and moves it left to right or vice versa. However, the base is fixated on a particular point. Make sure you are not moving the position of the camera, only the direction it faces. 


Tilting movement involves the camera moving vertically. That is, up to down or down to up against the base is fixated to a certain point. Just like panning, the move involves the use of a slider motion control system where the camera is stationary. These captures are quite popular when introducing a character in a film. 


Here one moves the camera forwards & backward. For instance, when introducing a sort of track. This tremendous movement creates beautiful yet flowing effects if captured correctly. You need to be skilled enough to capture dolly. 


In this movement, the camera moves vertically up or down. Again the camera is fixated on one point or location. Plus, a pedestal move is convenient to do, especially when the camera is attached to an adjustable tripod.


Trucking is somehow similar to the dolly. The difference is that here the camera movement is from left to right instead of forward & backward. It’s again the best way to use a fluid motion track that removes any kind of jerking or friction. 

Rack Focus

Rack focus is actually a technique; however, a few cameramen consider them as a camera move. Here one needs to adjust the lens to start an image blurry and shift towards sharper focus. A pretty effective way to change the audience’s attention from one subject to another. 

The Bottom Line

Above are the top 7 camera movements that make your visual look pretty interesting. Nowadays, people love to watch quality videos which can be done with the help of quality cameras. From documentary movies to action movies, modern cameras are used to capture high quality. The cameras are advanced with outstanding features that allow you to capture videos creatively. 

So, it’s essential to learn cinematography skills. Plus, you don’t need to own the motion control cameras; you can put the camera on rent till your work is done. 

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