5 Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development

Apple has been winning the hearts of millions with its every new launch of iOS devices. The latest features and functionalities offered by IOS phones are not yet introduced by any of the other platforms. Several businesses have been benefited by this platform as it opens the doors of success for them. Every single app various IOS apps are launched making the lives of IOS users easier, smarter and much faster. When it comes to the IOS app development, developers choose the best programming languages along with powerful frameworks. It has made IOS app development a fun-loving process engaging hundreds of developers with its interesting syntax and structure. 

Swift consists of several useful features including closures, generics, type inference and others that make it the best among other iOS app development programming languages. In this article, you are going to learn about the reasons why you should choose Swift for IOS app development over any other language.

5 Reasons why Swift is highly preferred for iOS app development!

Better Readability

Swift has a clean syntax that makes it easier for the iOS developers to write and modify the code of an app. Swift language requires less coding as compared to Objective-C programming language that needs more time and effort of the developers. Swift works efficiently saving the time of iOS developers and ultimately reduces the cost of development. It is simple to read and does the work in just fewer code lines whereas Objective-C performs the same task in a huge number of code lines. Various legacy conventions such as semicolons and parentheses have been removed making it much easier for the iOS developers to code. 

Offers Complete Safety

Previously before the launch of Swift programming language, it was much difficult for the developers to design an app. Several drawbacks were associated with the use of old iOS programming languages. The language construction and the simple syntax that Swift offers successfully overcame all the challenges faced in the iOS app development. Swift has a short feedback loop in which iOS developers can fix the code problem in case of bad code or any issue arises. Swift offers timely bug fixes that reduce the crashes in iOS app development and provides complete safety to every feature of the app. It ensures your app is up-to-date with the latest updates in the operating system.

Open Source

Swift was announced as the open-source iOS app development platform by Apple in 2015. Just after the announcement, various companies started using this programming language for app development across multiple platforms. It can also be used for the backend infrastructure of mobile apps.  Due to its open-source feature, iOS developers can provide suggestions for improvements to Apple taking a part in the enhancement of this powerful language. Constant feedback features offered by Swift have enabled faster changes in the iOS app. Future innovations can be introduced with the development of feedback, suggestions, and responses making it much stronger than other iOS app development programming languages. 

Use Less Code

With the use of iOS programming languages like Objective-C, constant issues used to arise in the creation of an iOS app. Developers used to face the difficulty in reading and writing the code and even modification in the code was also hectic and time-consuming. IOS developers worked hard to prevent the app from being crashed making them concerned about the performance and security of the IOS app. Whereas, Swift offers complete inline support making the manipulation of data and text string much easier. Swift requires less code and helps developers save a lot of time by allowing them to constantly fix the errors throughout the coding process. 

Less Maintenance

Every IOS app requires maintenance and a heavy cost is assigned for maintaining the app. Once an app gets published, it needs to be taken care of as it may crash with over a load of users, storage or any feature that may stop working any time. Your published app needs to be updated constantly as new technologies launch now and then so that it doesn’t lack behind the iOS market. It is difficult for the iOS application development services to maintain an app built with other programming languages. However Swift has that flexibility to adjust according to the needs of the changing requirements of the business allowing easy maintenance and constant performance tracking.


Swift programming language was launched by Apple in 2014. It was marked among the best iOS app development languages. Swift is fast, secure and modern and simple to understand by any developer. It has easy to understand structure removing the need to write hundreds of coding lines. It is much safer than any other language and allows developers to fix the bugs instantly saving their time. Swift programming language is open source so that developers can give feedback and suggestions and requires much lesser maintenance cost.

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