5 Different And Beautiful Types Of Nail Art Techniques

Decorating nails is a part of self-grooming. It makes a woman look more put together. Nail art is simply drawing or sticking gel nail stickers in different designs and patterns on your nails. There are so many different types of nail art techniques. Know about 5 of them so you can choose which one you want to use. 

Painting by brush

The first technique of painting your nails most easily is painting with a nail polish brush. This is the most common technique that women use to decorate their nails. This method saves time and money as it’s completed within minutes and is completely free. You can change the color anytime you want. 

Sponge bobbing

Sponge bobbing is another technique to give your nail art a smudged ombre look. As the name suggests, the tool used here is a sponge. You can take any kind of sponge, paint, or makeup. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Now, dip the sponge in nail paint and smudge the polish over the base coat. Remember, the finish you get after sponge bobbing your nails is bespattered and sprinkled. So, choose this method only if you like an achromatic look on nails. 

Nail stickers

Want to know a nail art technique easier than painting them at home? Apply nail stickers. With stickers, you have endless possibilities of designs and colors. Decals or gel stickers for nails are peel-off nail-shaped stickers that are applied on the nail bed. You don’t need to sit and apply polish on every nail, in fact, you don’t need to sit powerless as your nail paint dries. There is a wide variety of these stickers in such pretty designs. Make sure the placement of your sticker is properly on the nail bed.


Taping is a way to form geometric patterns on your nails. You apply tape partially on your nails covering the part you don’t want to polish. Then, paint the rest of the area and let it dry. Then remove the tape to reveal a sharp perfect division between your base coat. 


This technique is often used by professionals to do a drizzling polish on the nails. In this technique, stencils and stickers are combined to create the desired look. Basecoat is applied, then they place a nail stencil, and then the airbrush machine completes the task. 

These are the 5 types of nail art techniques. 

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