4 Factors that are Killing your Website SEO Results

No matter what’s your online business is about, your website is the epicentre of your digital marketing strategies. That’s why you shouldn’t take your website for granted. For this purpose, having a website that is optimized for search engines is important because without an optimized website, you can’t boost your search engine ranking and also earn credibility on Google. Sometimes, even when we design our website and optimize, we still don’t get the results. So, it’s the best time to run a quality check on your website and know where it’s lacking. If you want to build your website presence, you’ll need to have all these factors correct on your website. Let’s start knowing the factors.

1. Long Loading Time of Website

A website that takes more than ten seconds to load isn’t a good website at all for your audience because these days, audiences have a low attention span, they won’t wait if your website takes long to load. So, start running a check to know where you’re lacking. It can be one of these factors:

⦁ Heavy animations which are taking a lot of your website speed
⦁ Images which are too heavy and larger than they should be
⦁ 404 errors

So, to reduce the loading speed of your website and make it fast-optimized, the first thing you should do is to compress the images using compressing tools such as tiny PNG and image compressor. Secondly, you should reduce the animations and minimize the CSS, HTML, and Javascript from your website.

2. Content Duplication

Content duplication kills your SEO, and Google also penalizes plagiarized content, so you should avoid cutting down the habit of content duplication from your website. It not only kills your SEO but also hurts your website credibility. The content duplication confuses the search engines, and it doesn’t know which website should be ranked first. So, even if your content is original but duplicated somewhere, the search engine can take it as an original one and derank your website. That’s why duplicated content has no worth for SEO and also your website; the content should be a hundred percent original and should solely belong to your site. 

3. Content without Keywords

What’s the most important thing for SEO? Content with the keywords which has the highest searches because when you focus on the keywords driven content, you target the customer searches on your website which increase your chances to grow. It means the better you use the targeted keywords on your website, the greater will be the SEO results. So, starting from the homepage to the contact page of your website, the right keywords shouldn’t go missing. If you have a website design company in Dubai then you should focus on finding the local keywords with the best searches so you can drive the right results for your website.

4. Not Having a Responsive Design

Sixty percent of the users browse your website through their phones, and if your brochure design Dubai doesn’t seem perfect on the mobile, then you can miss the opportunity of converting the visitors into leads.

For instance, individuals will utilize their cell phones to look for neighborhood organizations when they are all over the place, or even while they are in a store to analyze costs or study an item. At the point when they search, they will emphasize on the local keywords and LSI keywords, which are optimized for voice searches. So, for the best seo results, your website should be 100 percent optimized for mobile devices.

So, considering these four important practices is a must to optimize your website for the search engines. Later, you can use tools like Google Analytics to know how your website is performing and tailor your strategies according to that. 

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