An Absolute Guide to the 10 Best WordPress Plugins

Do you have a WordPress site, or are you thinking about owning one? In both cases, you might not want to miss out on the incredible plugins that it enables. Not familiar with plugins? They are methods or apps that let you add exciting characteristics to your website and effectively increase its functionality. It has the same relationship as it is between your smartphone and apps. They increase the usability of your site for the audience. The WordPress store has approximately around 40,000 plugins for its users.

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Now if you are questioning that which on should be there on your website, then let us tell you that with the variety available to you, it is hard to find the one which suits best. Use the functionalities of these plugins to narrow it down to the ones that fit your requirement. Now, to help you a little, we will tell you about the ten popular WordPress plugins you must know about:


Google XML Sitemaps

Anybody who has a little familiarity with web design must identify Google XML Sitemaps, as one of the most popular WordPress Plugin. To enable your website to reach the search results of the popular engines, then this is what you need to add. Millions of people have installed it for their websites as it can create and submit the sitemap to the web crawlers. Installing it will directly lead to the creation of your sitemap. Also do not get deceived by the name as it can communicate with other search engines as well. 


Shareaholic is another popular plugin that you can integrate into your site, which adds fun to it. Readers can easily use it, and the success of your content can get traced through it. It is one of the favourite plugins as it is quite easy to use. It provides a statistical analysis of how your website is doing. You can check the number of shares, likes, visits, views, and all other interactive actions that your audience took. It can help you to adjust your content precisely in the way your audience will like. 

The Contact Form 7 Plugin

It is an ideal one and serves as a host to your customers. You can create contact forms from it without any previous technical experience. Also, it will not be dull. Instead, it can make the forms appealing to them. It has many other features as well. Do check the FAQ page to get the required instructions for its installation.

W3 Total Cache

It is one of the top fetched plugins of WordPress. It can improve the user experience of your website in a lot of ways. Along with the speed enhancement, it will enhance the responsiveness of your site. By using this plugin, you can enrich the overall performance and user experience of your blog. Furthermore, it has a list of other features too. The efficiency of it is what made it famous.

WP Touch

It will not hurt to create a mobile version of your WordPress site. The mobile website traffic has increased to a massive extent making the mobile-friendly experience essential. As the name suggests, it will theme your website into a smartphone application like form. Directly enhancing the viewing and clicking experience for the users. It should be on your list next as the millions of downloads ensure it to be active and productive. With My Assignment Help you can better understand the working of WP Touch plugin.

Yoast SEO

As the name suggests, it is quite extensive for the SEO purpose. Do not seek any more ways to enhance your site’s SEO as you have got the best plugin for that. It will not only do all the work automatically but will also educate you about the entire process. Every blogpost will get analyzed by it once you install it on your site. Also, it will improve the focus on your keywords and descriptions to magnify the performance of your website.


A free plugin associated with the e-commerce aspect of your site, WooCommerce can amplify the profit rate of your business. It is the era of online companies and stores, and this plugin can get you started at it. The other features that it has makes it the most user-friendly plugin used for this purpose. You can even customize and tailor it according to your needs. Also, it will show you the reviews of your customers.


People who are just beginning and want to portray their content via tables, then TablePress is the best plugin they can get. You can make, design, and maintain your table information directly through it. It is easy and flexible with the ability to allow you the editing of data on your site. The best part about it is that it does not require coding. You can enter any data in it.


Backup is important. Your site must have a complete backup in case of any mishap so that your data does not get lost. For that, we have a suitable plugin for your WordPress site. It is a powerful tool which enables you to backup your site anywhere you desire. The quick data recovery feature that it has will be sufficiently benevolent for you. Moreover, you can transfer your website to another host without any complication. It adds to the security of your site by watching out for malware and viruses. 


It is a robust plugin tool that you can use to get Google analytics of your WordPress site. The best thing that it has to offer is the report of your blog. It provides you with the insights of your website and tells you about the number of visitors and track the interactive reports to create a performance chart. You can check where your visitor lost interest and how much scrolling he did on your platform. It will help you work on those aspects better. 

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