There are hell lot of file compressor available in the market for compressing documents. The most popular RAR/ZIP compression software is WinRAR gain its popularity by its name itself. WinRAR itself says that this is RAR handler client for windows platform.

WinRAR can compress or decompress any document into RAR/ZIP/.7Z etc. and able to open such kind of file as well. The benefits of sending compressed file are, it’s easy to handle and it allow to make a single file of different documents needed for completing single task. Apart from everything, it provide extra layer of protection to the files as well. Here you will have facility to protect any RAR/ZIP file with your personal password. Only those particular person can access those documents who have the password of that compressed file.

Many times it happens that, we forget the password after setting this. This is common because we can only those things which are in daily usage. What do you do, when you have protected and important document with password and forget it? Now you will search on internet about “How to open password protected Zip/Rar file without knowing its password”.

There are many article you will get to unlock RAR password but some might work, might not.


Here I have tested this method personally to unlock password protected rar/zip file without knowing its password. So let’s flow with this article if you want to unlock password protected rar document.

How to unlock password protected RAR file

how to open password protected rar file

I am pretty sure that you have tried many rar password unlocker tools before but unable to open password protected rar file. Don’t worry, I am here to help you out through this…

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Step #1:

First of all you need to download a rar password unlocker software on your computer. The name of that tool is iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer.

Step #2:

After downloading this best rar password unlocker 2016, install it on your computer.

Step #3:

Once this rar password unlocker is properly installed on your machine, open it and you will get this type of interface on this rar password cracker tool.


Step #4:

Now click on open button from dashboard and locate your password protected RAR file.

Step #5:

Next step to open password protected rar file is, choose the attack type from drop down menu. Change the type of attack if one is not work.

Step #6:

After selecting the attack type click on start button to start unlocking password protected rar file.

Step #7:

Wait for sometimes until your password is not visible on the dashboard screen. Now copy this password and use it to open your compressed file.


BOOM! Your password protected file is opened nowEnjoy & Share with your friends on social Medias.


I was going through quora and some forum where people are madly asking about “how to open password protected rar file without knowing its password”. So today I decided to bring this article to help those fellas out with easy steps to unlock password protected rar documents. iSumsoft RAR password reflixer is best rar password unlocking software available free of cost.

Just follow these steps to unlock any password protected RAR file. Wait… Sometimes it need to keep patience in case your file has complicated password. Just run this rar password finder software for few hours to find any complicated password of your rar documents.

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If you are finding any difficulty at any stage, feel free to comment your problem in comment box given below… and don’t forget to give feedback about this article as well. Include what you don’t like in this article, we will back with modification next time.

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