If you are looking for how to convert jpg to word then you are landed at right place because in this article I’m going to guide you how to convert jpg to word. Many time it happens that you need to convert jpg images in to word file. What a normal people do is, just start typing all those information which are given into jpg/jpeg/png/bmp file into Microsoft word. But the task become more complicated if there is lots of file and you have shortage of time.

How to convert JPG to Word?

convert jpg to word online

If you are a college student, then you know it well how many assignments you need to do every week. I don’t understand till 4th year of my engineering why these assignments are given when exams are closer. Most of time happens that, we need to take notes of friends when exams become closer. At that time we can’t write down whole notes. In that case, we looks for is there any tool available that can perform this challenging task.

One day I was also looking for same search to convert jpg to word file. Because we usually get the photograph of friends note and which are usually in JPG format. So I found the method by which we can convert jpg to word document and today I am going to share it with you that how to convert jpg to word.

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After reading this article you can convert jpg file in to world file either it is larger or smaller. It make your task easier to and saves time which was going to consume in typing. If you want to convert jpg to word then you only need internet connection. You have to upload your jpg file to a website and you will get its .doc or .docx version.

So let me go step by step to convert jpg to doc file…

How to convert JPG to .doc file?

Step #1:

First of all make sure that your image has good quality and under 5MB which you want to convert jpg in to doc file.

Step #2:

Once you are confirm with quality of image, just click on the link given here.

Step #3:

Click on select file button there and upload your jpg file over there.

Step #4:

Now you have to choose the language of your document. For example if your images has written something in English, Choose English.

Step #5:

Now select the document format of output file. In this case you can choose Microsoft word (Doc) file.

Step #6:

Now click on convert button to convert jpg to doc file.

Step #7:

Wait for few seconds until your document has been converted from JPG to word format. Download it and cheer!


Here in this article I have discussed about how to convert jpg to word. You can also convert png to word, pdf to word etc. I hope you enjoyed this article about JPG to Word conversion. If you are facing any problem in conversion of file format, simply leave your query in comment box given below. I’ll my 100% to solve your doubt. Thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned with ReviewsPub for more guides of daily life problems.

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